Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Missions Guide All 4 Sagas

This page contains our Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Missions Guide,  a complete walkthrough of all in game missions for each of the 4 sagas.

The missions in DBZ Kakarot are split into 4 sagas, Saiyan, Frieza, Androids and Majin Buu.  Each saga has its own set of missions split into 6 episodes.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Missions Guide

Saiyan Saga

5 years after the end of the Dragon Ball saga, Goku and his friends peaceful life have been shattered by a alien invader. Raditz; Saiyan warrior bearing strange resemblance to Goku. After a fierce clash, the Z-warriors scarcely overcomes this foe, only to learn 2 more Saiyans, even more powerful than Raditz, is on their way to Earth.

Slice of Life Mission – Episode 1

  1. Collect Some Apples
  2. Keep Gohan close and make your way to the fishing spot
  3. Take Gohan with you to the fishing spot
  4. Try out some tail fishing
  5. Cook a fish over a campfire
  6. Talk to Gohan
  7. Head back to Goku’s house
  8. Talk to Chi-Chi and get her to make you some lunch
  9. Search the house
  10. Talk to Chi-Chi and get the boxed lunch from her

A Long Overdue Reunion – Episode 1

  1. Head to Master Roshis’s House to introduce him to Gohan
  2. Its been forever since you’ve seen Krillin. Go talk to him.
  3. Talk to Krillin Again
  4. Check out the training grounds
  5. Defeat Krillin (Krillin Vs Goku)
  6. Talk to Krillin again

Intergalactic Invader – Episode 1

  1. Head in the direction of that mysterious Ki and find out who’s it is
  2. Defeat Raditz (Piccolo Vs Raditz)

The Mysterious Warriors True Identity – Episode 1

  1. Defeat Raditz (Goku Vs Raditz)

Follow Raditz – Episode 2

  1. Travel to Lucca Village

Rumble with Raditz – Episode 2

  1. Find Raditz and Get Gohan Back
  2. Defeat Raditz (Goku Vs Raditz) Final Boss Fight

King Yemma’s Job – Episode 3

  1. Answer King Yemma’s questions

Gohan The Survivor –Episode 3 

  1. Search for food in the surrounding area

Gohan’s Guardian – Episode 3

  1. Go see how Gohan is doing
  2. Defeat all the enemies in the area (Skull Robo)
  3. Collect some apple for Gohan
  4. Give the apples to Gohan
  5. Defat Gohan (Piccolo Vs Gohan APE)

Survivor 101 – Episode 3

  1. Search the surroundings for anything suspicious
  2. Try your hand at hunting by trying to catch 3 deer
  3. Tell Yajirobe how the hunt went
  4. Find the source of the power you sensed
  5. Defeat Yamcha (Piccolo Vs Yamcha)
  6. Defeat Tien (Piccolo Vs Tien)
  7. Defeat Krillin (Piccilo Vs Krillin)
  8. Put Gohan’s training to the test
  9. Answer King Kai’s Question

Survival Skills – Episode 4

  1. Defeat the wandering dinosaur and get its meat

Piccolo’s Training Regimen – Episode 4

  1. Prepare yourself for battle and challenge Piccolo
  2. Defeat Piccolo (Gohan Vs Piccolo)

Gohans Going AWOL – Episode 4

  1. Head towards Goku’s house on the world map
  2. Time for a breather end your training session early and head home
  3. Defeat Skull Robo’s

Freedom – Episode 4

  1. Head towards Blake Bog on the world Map

Gohan’s Gumption – Episode 4

  1. Head towards the training grounds and show Piccolo your tough enough
  2. Defeat Piccolo (Gohan Vs Piccolo #2)

Deathmatch Approaching – Episode 5

  1. Hurry to Piccolo and tell him about the huge Ki you sensed
  2. Defeat all enemies (Gohan Vs Saibaman)
  3. Defeat Nappa (Gohan Vs Nappa #1)

The Longest Three Hours – Episode 5

  1. Talk to everyone to find out what to do about the sinister Saiyan’s
  2. Defeat Nappa (Gohan Vs Nappa #2)

Friend in Need – Episode 6

  1. Gohan and the others are in trouble! Hurry to their rescue.

Angry Goku – Episode 6

  1. Defeat Nappa (Goku Vs Nappa)

To the Battlegrounds – Episode 6

  1. Lead Vegeta to a more remote location
  2. Defeat Vegeta (Goku Vs Vegeta)
  3. Defeat Vegeta Ape Form (Goku Vs Vegeta)

The Resistance – Episode 7

  1. Somethings not right, rush to Goku’s location
  2. Defeat Vegeta (Gohan Vs Vegeta)

Intermission – Episode 7

  1. Get the recipe from the kooky cook in Keilin Village
  2. Chi-Chi is back at Goku’s house! Go talk to her and get her to cook a full course meal.
  3. Tell master Roshi you’re better now
  4. Head to where you felt the evil Ki
  5. Defeat all the enemies (Saibaman)
  6. Head towards Kame House on the worlds map
  7. Go introduce Gohan to master Roshi and the others
  8. Go to west city on the world map
  9. Look for launch
  10. Defeat all enemies (Attack Robo)
  11. Head towards Kame house on the world map
  12. Reoprt to master Roshi
  13. Talk to Chi-Chi

Frieza Saga

In order to restore balance to battle-worn Earth and resurrect fallen friends, Goku and the Z-warriors are tasked to travel across the galaxy for Planet Namek; birthplace of Piccolo and Kami. However, another sinister league of villainy also aims to acquire the fabled Dragon Balls; Frieza and his warrior army.

Bulma’s Advice – Episode 1

  1. Talk with Bulma
  2. Head towards west city on the world map

Interplanetary Preps – Episode 1

  1. Go find out what Bulma has to say
  2. Collect parts from the space pod (Hoverite/Molluscium/Thermiphyte)
  3. Deliver the parts to Bulma
  4. Talk to Bulma when you are ready

Welcome to the Party – Episode 1

  1. Defeat the enemies Frieza Force officers

Vegeta Vs Cui – Episode 1

  1. Find Cui and put him in his place
  2. Defeat Cui (Vegeta Vs Cui) 

Hideout on Namek – Episode 1

  1. Search Namek for a safe place

Namek in Turmoil – Episode 2

  1. Lower your Ki and find out where the mysterious Ki is coming from

Operation Rescue Dende! – Episode 2

  1. Defeat Dodoria (Gohan Vs Dodoria)

Sneaky Vegeta – Episode 2

  1. Dodoria’s on his own. Go show him whose boss
  2. Defeat Dodoria (Vegeta Vs Dodoria)

Clash with Zarbon – Episode 3

  1. Chances like this don’t happen often. Go pummel Zarbon
  2. Defeat Zarbon (Vegeta Vs Zarbon)

Hunt for the Dragon Balls – Episode 3

  1. Find the Hidden Dragon Balls
  2. Search the surrounding area for the Dragon Balls

Vegeta’s Rampage – Episode 3

  1. Chase after Krillin and steal the Dragon Ball from him
  2. Defeat Zarbon (Vegeta Vs Zarbon #2)

Dragon Ball Battle – Episode 3

  1. Bulma’s waiting for you. Head back to the hiding spot

Gohan’s Latent Power – Episode 4

  1. Head to grand elder Guru’s place and unleash Gohan’s latent power
  2. Answer Guru’s Questions

The Dreaded Ginyu Force – Episode 4

  1. Hurry to Vegeta’s hiding spot

Guldo’s Claim to Fame – Episode 4

  1. Defeat Guldo (Gohan Vs Guldo)
  2. Defeat Recoome (Vegeta Vs Recoome)

Gokus Arrival – Episode 5

  1. Head to where Gohan and company are
  2. Defeat Recoome (Goku Vs Recoome)

Putting the training to the test – Episode 5

  1. Defeat all enemies (Goku Vs Burter)

The fight with Captain Ginyu – Episode 5

  1. Defeat Ginyu (Goku Vs Captain Ginyu)

All the Dragon Balls – Episode 6

  1. Secure the remaining dragon balls in the spaceship
  2. Defeat Captain Ginyu (Gohan Vs Ginyu)

The Magic Words – Episode 6

  1. Head to Guru to find out how to summon Shenron

The Fearsome Emperor – Episode 6

  1. Defeat Frieza (Gohan Vs Frieza)

Piccolo To the rescue – Episode 6

  1. Head to where Gohan and company are
  2. Defeat Frieza (Piccolo Vs Frieza)

Fearful New Form  – Episode 6

  1. Defeat Frieza (Piccolo Vs Frieza #2)

The Emperor’s Final Form – Episode 7

  1. Go to Gohan and the others and take on Frieza
  2. Defeat Frieza (Vegeta Vs Frieza) 

The Return of Goku – Episode 7

  1. Hurry Goku! Make your way to everyone else before its too late
  2. Defeat Frieza (Goku Vs Frieza)

Awakened Anger – Episode 8

  1. Defeat Frieza (Goku Vs Frieza #2)

The Legendary Super Saiyan – Episode 8

  1. Defeat Frieza (Goku Vs Frieza #3)

Intermission – Episode 8

  1. Talk to Chi-Chi

Androids Saga

After the clash at Planet Namek, the warriors comes face to face again with the seemingly defeated Frieza and his father King Cold. The fiends, however were quickly vaporized by a mysterious Saiyan, Trunks. This man, claiming to be a time-traveler, warns Goku and the Z-warriors of an even more sinister threat; the Androids are coming.

Frieza Strikes Back – Episode 1

  1. Talk to everyone about Frieza’s invasion
  2. Talk to everyone

Mysterious Youth – Episode 1

  1. Defeat Mecha Frieza (Trunks Vs Frieza)
  2. Go meet up with the Mysterious youth
  3. Talk to the mysterious youth
  4. Talk to the mysterious youth with Goku
  5. Defeat the Mysterious Youth (Goku Vs Trunks)

For the Future – Episode 2

  1. Head towards Goku’s house on the world map
  2. Chi-Chi’s waiting at Goku’s house, go see her
  3. Head towards Kami’s Lookout on the world map
  4. Listen to what Kami Has to say
  5. Gather the items (Sage Water/Godly Grow Fertilizer)
  6. Head towards blake bog on the world map
  7. Meet up with Piccolo and Gohan
  8. Defeat Piccolo (Goku Vs Piccolo Training)

A Frustrated Vegeta – Episode 2

  1. Talk to Dr Briefs about your training
  2. Find materials for the training room (Gravity Crystal/Dimensional Lead/Ironcress)
  3. Defeat Enemies (Vegeta Vs Frieza Force)
  4. Give the materials to Dr Briefs
  5. Defeat Vegeta (Vegeta Vs Vegeta Simulated)

Driver’s License Lunacy – Episode 2

  1. Learn to drive

War at the Door – Episode 2

  1. Head towards Kame house on the world map
  2. Launch is trobled by something. Talk to her and find out what it is
  3. Head towards Southeast Mountain Area on the world map
  4. Find Tien
  5. Defeat Tien (Goku Vs Tien)

The Training Rooms Open – Episode 2

  1. Go tell Piccolo you have finished your training

The Fated Day – Episode 3

  1. Take on the Mysterious enemy at Papaya town.
  2. Talk to Everyone and get for info on the Androids
  3. Head towards Gizards Wasteland on the world map

Attack of the Androids – Episode 3

  1. Defeat android 19 (Goku Vs Android 19)
  2. Approach android 19 and engage him in battle
  3. Defeat Android 19 (Vegeta Vs Android 19)

Android 20’s Gambit – Episode 4

  1. Talk to everyone to find android 20’s location
  2. Defeat Android 20 (Piccolo Vs Android 20)

Android 20’s True Identity – Episode 4

  1. Head towards Darlinge Polynya on the world map

17, 18, and…16?! – Episode 4

  1. Find Dr Gero’s Lab
  2. Head to where the androids are
  3. Defeat Android 18 (Vegeta Vs Android 18)

  4. Head Towards Goku’s house on the world map

Calm Before the Storm – Episode 4

  1. Go to Goku’s House

Threat on the Horizon – Episode 4

  1. Head towards West City on the world map

Another Time Machine?! – Episode 4

  1. Find the Time Machine near Ginger town

Kami and Piccolo – Episode 5

  1. Head to Kami’s Lookout
  2. Head to Gingertown on the world map

Meeting the Mysterious Monster – Episode 5

  1. Defeat The Mysterious Monster (Piccolo Vs Cell)

The Mad Scientists Lair – Episode 5

  1. Head towards Darlinge Polynya on the world map
  2. Head to Dr Gero’s Laboratory

Cells Ambition – Episode 5

  1. Head towards Gizards Wasteland on the world map

Fathers and Sons – Episode 5

  1. Meet up with Vegeta and Trunks for some training
  2. Head towards Kami Lookout on the world map

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber – Episode 5

  1. Head to Kami’s Lookout and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  2. Defeat Trunks (Vegeta Vs Trunks)

Unexpected Visitor – Episode 6

  1. Find a place to battle Android 17
  2. Defeat Android 17 (Piccolo Vs Android 17)

Tiens Sacrafice – Episode 6

  1. Hurry and get Tien Before its too late
  2. Defeat Cell (Goku Vs Cell)

A Glimmer of Hope – Episode 7

  1. Head inside the temple area and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  2. Defeat Goku (Gohan Vs Goku)

Enter Super Vegeta – Episode 7

  1. Head to where Cell is
  2. Defeat Cell (Vegeta Vs Cell)

The Nightmare Begins – Episode 8

  1. Defeat Cell (Vegeta Vs Cell 2)

A Moment of Confidence – Episode 8

  1. Defeat Goku (Gohan Vs Goku)

Fleeting Normality – Episode 8

  1. Talk to Chi-Chi
  2. Gather The Materials Chi-Chi Needs (Beast Meat, Frozen Rabbit Meat, Fatty Giant Fish)
  3. Give the materials to chi – chi
  4. Gather the Materials Bulma Needs (3 x Meteorite)
  5. Head Towards West City on the world map
  6. Give the materials to Bulma
  7. Go to the forst Near Capsule Corporation
  8. Defeat the enemies (Poacher Bot)

Majin Buu Saga

7 years after the Android uprising and the Cell Game incident, the now grown Goku’s son, Gohan was helping those in need in guise as a mysterious vigilante, Great Saiya Man. His secret identity however, was soon found out by Videl, his classmate, and have been blackmailed into participating in the World Martial Arts Tournament in exchange for keeping his secret. In an seemingly innocent tournament, a sinister wizard seeks to wake something of unimaginable danger…

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