Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Secrets & Collectibles Guide showing you how to find 100% of all Collectibles and secrets in dooms hunter base.

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Secrets & Collectibles

  1. ModBot Weapon Upgrade 0:29
  2. Praetor Suit Point 0:53
  3. Sentinel Battery 1:27
  4. Doom Hunter Base Codex 1:52
  5. Lost Soul Toy 2:13
  6. Daeg Ranak Codex 2:37
  7. Rune 3:03
  8. Keen Album 3:31
  9. One Shot Kill Silver Bullet Cheat Code 4:23
  10. Praetor Suit Point 2 4:48
  11. Sentinel Crystal 5:12
  12. Sentinel Battery 2 5:47
  13. Praetor Suit Point 3 6:24
  14. Praetor Suit Point 4 6:48
  15. Doom Hunter Codex 7:10
  16. Hell Knight Toy 7:27


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