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Doom Eternal DLC The Ancient Gods Part 1 Breakdown

Doom Eternal DLC The Ancient Gods Part 1 Breakdown of Everything You Need To Know – Doom Eternals first DLC called the ancient gods part 1 is almost here and so we have compiled a list of everything you need to know before you buy the new add on.

Following the events after slaying Khan Maykr, a power struggle is taking place and puts everyone in peril. Its your job with the help of an old friend to make your way to Urdak and save the world. Here is the Official Trailer:

Doom Eternal DLC Trailer

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One Official Trailer

The new DLC offers plenty of new content including new missions and one very cool feature is the Ancient Gods is a standalone game, meaning you dont have to own the Full Doom Eternal game to play the DLC. A very unique feature.

Doom Eternal DLC Release Date

The release date for the upcoming DLC is October the 20th. This was revealed during Gamescom’s opening night by bethesda and ID software.

Doom Eternal DLC Price

The Year One Season Pass for Doom Eternal, that includes access to both DLCs, is available for £24.99/$30. The Ancient Gods Part One will also be available as a standalone purchase for £15.99/$20.

Doom Eternal DLC Length

While most DLCs of games are small and usually not worth the cost, the Doom Eternal Ancient Gods expansion is promised to be every bit as big as the original game.

according to game director Hugo Martin.

“Most people would associate DLC with being of smaller scope – it’s kind of like the made for TV version of the movie, and the movie was the main game,” Hugo said. “For us, this is very much like a two-part film – this is every bit as grand as the main game was.”

Whether this turns out to be true is yet to be seen however.

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Release Date
Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods DLC Breakdown

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Next Gen

Any player who purchases the upcoming DOOM DLC on XB1 and PS4 will be able to upgrade for free to the next gen Xbox and PlayStation.

Bethesda Announced

“Players who own or purchase either title on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will be able to upgrade for free to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions respectively, when those versions are available,” the news continues with. “Additionally, our teams are working hard to ensure both titles will support backwards compatibility when the new consoles launch.”

The Doom DLC will also be coming to PC and at a later unannounced date to switch.

Doom Eternal DLC Music Soundtrack Composer

One big question fans have been asking is who will be composing the soundtrack for the upcoming DLC. Well the main game was composed by Mick Gordon but the DLC will switch to Andrew Hulshult.

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods DLC is arriving on October 20th.

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