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Dead Island 2 Weapons: Guns, Crafting & Mod Blueprints

Dead Island 2 Weapons – Dead Island is an action-packed first-person game where players fight off hordes of zombies on a mysterious island. The game features a wide array of weapons that players can use to defeat their undead enemies. There are four main types of weapons: blunt weapons, sharp weapons, firearms, and explosives.

Blunt weapons are designed for close combat and can be used to break bones and crush skulls. Players can choose from a variety of blunt weapons such as baseball bats, hammers, and crowbars. Sharp weapons, on the other hand, are also intended for close combat but are specifically designed to slice through flesh and bone. Examples of sharp weapons include knives, machetes, and swords.

Firearms are ranged weapons that allow players to take out zombies from a distance. These weapons include pistols, shotguns, and assault rifles. Explosives, such as grenades, mines, and propane tanks, can be used to deal massive damage to enemies and can also be set up as traps.

In addition to the base weapons, players can also create unique and more powerful weapons by combining different items. These combinations are called blueprints, and they can be found throughout the game. With the right materials, players can upgrade and modify their weapons to create electrified baseball bats, flaming machetes, and many more unique weapons.

So, let’s get started on our journey through the exciting world of Dead Island 2 Weapons!

Dead Island 2 Unique Weapons

Unique/Legendary Weapons

  • Peggy: Side Quest Creature Comforts, Bel Air
  • Raven: Lost & Found: My Mailman was a Zombie, Bel Air
  • O-Kami and Whiskey: Side Quest: The Ballad of Rikky Rex, Beverly Hills
  • Extinction Event: In a safe where you do Justifiable Zombicide, After completing the main campaign.
  • Big Shot: Side Quest: It’s not your Fault, Bel Air
  • The Brutalizer: Side Quest: Body Art, Bel Air
  • Jade Dragon: Side Quest: The Terror of Sound Stage 7, Monarch Studios
  • Blood Rage: Lost & Found: Fool’s Gold, The Pier
  • Emma’s Wrath: Story: Hollywood Ending
  • The One: Side Quest: Beacon of Hope, Hollywood Boulevard
  • Zom-B-Gon: Side Quest: Going Viral, Hollywood Boulevard
  • Shark tooth:
  • Electrocuter Officers Sword – The Clean and Snatch Quest
  • Red Dragon – Purchased from the vendor in the Ocean Avenue
  • Sharktooth – Complete Boz makes a bang and Dez mother of satan
  • Black Magic – Rose’s Storage Box In Venice Beach
  • Wildstyle – Complete the art of war quest
  • Party Starter – Complete drunk and dissorderly
  • Bodycount – Complete REDACTED
  • Krakatoa – Complete missing steve
  • The Tenderizer – The trader in Venice beach
  • Special Forces Knife – The trader in Venice beach
  • Gastric Bypass – (Unsure) It just appeared in my inventory


  • Meat Bait
  • Shuriken
  • Chem Bomb
  • Caustic-X Bomb
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Electric Star
  • Military Grenade – Complete Boz Makes a Bang Mission
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Flashbang
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Nail Bomb
  • Bait Bomb
  • Electric Bomb
Dead Island 2 Weapons

Dead Island 2 Weapon Types

Weapons can be divided into three main categories: Blunt, Blade, and Firearms. Within the Blunt category, there are various types of weapons including baseball bats, maces, hammers, mauls, cudgels, morning stars, staffs, and many others.

The Blade category includes weapons such as Katanas, machetes, Wakizashi’s, cleavers, axes, throwing knives, kitchen knives, sickles, cane knives, reapers, and many more.

Finally, the Firearms category encompasses rifles, shotguns, pistols, automatic rifles, and revolvers, among others.

Blunt Weapons

  • Abuela’s Ashes Mace – Golden Weapons Pack DLC
  • Banoi Baseball Bat – Memories of Banoi Pack DLC
  • Banoi War Club – Memories of Banoi Pack DLC
  • Homewrecker – Pulp Weapons Pack DLC

Blade Weapons

  • Eye Opener – Pulp Weapons Pack DLC

Firearm Weapons

  • Sam B’s Pistol – Golden Weapons Pack DLC

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