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Dead Island 2 All Keys, Safes & Lockboxes

Dead Island 2 All Keys, Safes & Lockboxes – There are tons of hidden loot throughout Hell-A but the most valuable items are locked inside of safes and lockboxes. This guide will show you how to find all keys and combinations in game and where to use them.

Dead Island 2 All Keys

Dead Island 2 All Key & Safe Locations

To get the keys for the safes and lockboxes, you must find the zombie who holds it. Most are located close to the locked container, however a lot of the zombies wont spawn until after you reach a certain point in the main story, so its best to get these keys after completing the campaign.

Safe & LockBox Keys

  1. Michael’s Safe Key
  2. Family Garage Key
  3. Coach’s Car Keys
  4. Military Supplies Case Key
  5. Cindy’s Safe Key
  6. Goat Pen Master Key
  7. Rikky’s Kitchen Key
  8. Officers Secure Lockbox Key
  9. Eddie’s Tool Box Key
  10. Cable Van Keys
  11. Brock’s Safe Key
  12. Fancy Leather Trunk Key
  13. Halperin Security Safe Key
  14. Military Courier Case Key
  15. Poolside Bio Container Key
  16. Laundry Room Key
  17. Secure Bio Container Key
  18. Party Contraband Case Key
  19. Nikki’s Bounty Reward Key
  20. Construction Teams Safe Key
  21. Brentwood Waste Bin Key
  22. Eschaton Staff Safe Key
  23. Metro Ticket Office Safe Key
  24. Security Guards Cooler Key
  25. Mystery Goodie Box Key
  26. Famiglia Storage Box Key
  27. Lifeguard Kit Box Key
  28. Suspicious Container Key
  29. Starla’s Award Show Safe Key
  30. Theater Box Office Safe Key
  31. Burger 66 Staff Locker Key
  32. Rose’s Storage Box Key
  33. LT Lands Case Key
  34. West Coast Weights Strongman Cooler Key
  35. Venice Lifeguards Safe Key
  36. Tasty Donut Shop Safe Key
  37. Skate Things Store Safe Key
  38. Delgado’s Supply Case Key
  39. Serling Reception Safe Key
  40. Guests Keepsake Box Key
  41. Electricians Toolbox Key
  42. Secure File Storage Key
  43. Newsroom Hard Case Key
  44. Officer Wilson’s Luggage Key
  45. Juice Bar Safe Key
  46. Gang Green Store Safe Key
  47. Custodians Locker Key
  48. Patients Lockbox Key
  49. BWRP Maintenance Toolbox Key
  50. BWRP Staff Drawers Key 
  51. Curtis’s Valuable Safe Key
  52. Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key
  53. Quarantined Belongings Key
  54. Randgate Secure Case Key
  55. Space Fox 2250 Prop Key

Mail Man Keys & Special Delivery Chest Key

To obtain the Dead Island 2 Mailman keys, you need to trigger the Lost and Found mission “My Mailman was a Zombie” by finding a special delivery crate and picking up the Signature Required note to the left of it. This will start a side quest to find one of the Dead Island 2 keys. The note will give you three addresses, which you need to visit in the Bel Air location.

At each address, you need to find a package near a door or entrance, and your character will comment on the mission to let you know you’ve ticked that one off. After finding the third and final package, you’ll meet Wayne, the Mailman. You will need to kill him to obtain the key that opens the chest back at the van, where you can claim your reward, the Raven, a rare weapon. The Raven is useful for crowds, as it boosts damages when you chain together hits.

Five Halperin Hotel Safe Deposit keys

  1. Safe Deposit Key 09 – On the long desk in the hotel foyer, close to the striped tape walkway along the ground.
  2. Safe Deposit Key 33 – On the body in the back right of the elevator on the 200s floor, after you’ve completed the outside fight by the pool and returned to the hotel.
  3. Safe Deposit Key 14 – On the floor to the left of the bed within room 208 on the second floor, after you’ve crouched through a gap to obtain the Chem Bomb curveball item.
  4. Safe Deposit Key 49 – Hidden within the small vent loop in the vents you climb up into while looking for room 307, after you climb up into the vents from on top of a bed.
  5. Safe Deposit Key 53 – On the edge of the bath inside the bathroom of room 307, the Major’s room.

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