Cyberpunk 2077 Skills Attributes & Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 Skills Attributes & Perks – Levelling the player in Cyberpunk 2077 has 3 different layers.  Attributes of which there are 5 types are split into 12 different skill trees, with each skill tree offering many different perks, 230 to be exact.  With that in mind you can play many different builds in night city.

Cyberpunk 2077 Skills & Perks


choose between 5 different attributes, Body, Intelligence, Reflexes, Technical and Cool.  Levelling up the attributes unlocks higher level skills and perks related to that attribute but also the following stats will be improved.

BODY: Determines raw physical power. In addition to allowing you to force open doors. Each level will:

  • Add 5 HP

  • Add 3 Stamina points

  • Increase damage with fists and Gorilla Arms by 3

  • Increase damage with melee weapons by 1.5%

  • Decrease movement penalty while grabbing an enemy and wielding an HMG by 6%

  • Increase movement while grappling enemy and enemy grapple duration by 5 sec

INTELLIGENCE: Determines your netrunning proficiency. Each level will (ELW)

  • Increase cyberdeck ram capacity by 4%

  • Increase quickhack damage by 0.5%

  • Increase quickhack duration by 1%

REFLEXES: Determine manoeuvrability. In addition to increasing overall movement speed. ELW

  • Increase your passive Evasion of enemy attacks by 1%

  • Increase Crit Chance by 1%

  • Increase damage of Mantis Blades by 3

TECH: Represents your technical know-how. It allows you to unlock doors and use tech weapons. ELW

  • Increase armor by 5%

COOL: Determines your resilience, composure, and effectiveness in operating from stealth. ELW

  • Increase Crit Damage by 2%

  • Increase all Resistances by 1%

  • Increase stealth damage by 10%

  • Reduce the speed at which enemies detect you by 0.5%

  • Increase Monowire damage by 3


Skills & Perks

There are 12 Skill Trees in game that unlock when the right attribute level is reached.  Each Skill tree has many corresponding perks to unlock.


Annihilation Skill Tree

Pump it LouderReduces recoil of shotguns and light machine guns by 10%
Hail of BulletsShotguns and light machine guns deal 3% more damage
In your faceReduces reload time of shotguns and light machine guns by 20%
BloodrushIncreases movement speed in combat by 5% while carrying a shotgun or light machine gun
Dead centerIncreases Damage to torsos by 10%
MongooseIncreases Evasion by 25% while reloading
BulldozerIncreases crit chance with shotguns and light machine guns by 10%
Momentum shiftDefeating an enemy increases movement speed by 10% for 10 sec
MassacreIncreases Crit Damage with shotguns and light machine guns by 15%
Heavy leadShotguns and light machine guns knock back enemies with more force
Skeet shooterDeal 15% more damage to moving targets
ManicWhen entering combat, your movement speed increases by 20% for 10 sec
UnstoppableDismembering an enemy increases fire rate by 10% for 8 secs. Stacks up to 3 times
Speed DemonYou deal more damage the faster you are moving
Burn Baby BurnDoubles the duration of Burn
Hit the DeckIncreases damage to staggered and knocked-down enemies by 10%
Poppin’ OffShotguns have a 25% highter chance of dismembering enemies
BiathleteWeapon spread does not increase while moving
BloodbathDismembering enemies reduces weapon recoil by 50% for 6 sec

Athletics Skill Tree

RegenerationHealth slowly regenerates during combat
Pack MuleIncrease carry capacity by 60
InvincibleIncrease max health by 10%
True GritIncreases max Stamina by 10%
Soft on your feetReduces fall damage by 5%
EpimorphosisHealth regenerates up to 70% of max health outside combat
Steel and ChromeIncreases Melee damage by 10%
GladiatorReduces the amount of stamina consumed when blocking melee attacks by 20%
Divided AttentionAllows you to reload weaponss while sprinting, sliding and vaulting
Like a butterflyDodging does not drain Stamina
MultitaskerAllows you to shoot while sprinting, sliding and vaulting
Stronger togetherIncreases damage you deal while carrying a body
TransporterAllows you to shoot and sprint while carrying a body
Cardio coreHealth regenerates 25% faster as you move
Human shieldIncreases armor by 20% when grappling an enemy
MarathonerSprinting does not drain stamina
Dog of WarIncreases Health Regen in combat by 15%
WolverineHealth regen activates 50% faster during combat
Steel ShellIncreases Armor by 10%
The RockEnemies cannot knock you down
IndestructibleReduce all incoming damage by 10%
Hard MotherfuckerWhen entering combat, armor and resistance increase by 10% for 10 sec

Street Brawler Skill Tree

Crushing BlowsIncreases damage from strong attacks with blunt weapons by 30%]
JuggernautIncreases Armor by 15% while blocking with a blunt weapon
FlurryIncreases Damage from combo attacks with blunt weapons by 30%
DazedAll attacks with Blunt weapons have a 15% chance to apply stun
Efficient BlowsReduces the stamina cost of all attacks with Blunt weapons by 25%
RushSuccessful attacks with blunt weapons regenerate 3% health over 2 sec
Human FortressReduces the stamina cost of blocking attacks by 50% while using a blunt weapon
Opportune StrikeIncreases Damage with Blunt weapons against eenemies affected by stun by 50%
PaybackIncreases Damage with blunt weapons by 1 % for every 1% of missing health
ReinvigorateDefeating an enemy by performing a strong attack with a blunt weapon restores 10% Stamina
Breathing PaceIncreases Stamina regen while blocking with blunt weapons by 50%
RelentlessSuccessful attacks with blunt weapons against enemies affected by stun restore 20% Stamina
ThrashStrong attacks with Blunt Weaapons reduce the target’s armor by 30% for 10 secs
FrenzyDefeating an enemy increases damage with blunt weapons by 100% for 10 Secs
Biding TimeBlocking Attacks with a blunt weapon restores 5% health
UnshakableSuccessful attacks with blunt weapons against enemies affected by stun restore 5% health and 5% Stamina
GuerrillaIncreases Crit Damage by 60% for 10 sec after entering combat


Rifles Skill Tree

Eagle EyeReduces the time to aim down sight with Rifles and SMG by 10%
Covering KillshotIncreases crit chance with Rifles and SMG by 10% when firing from behind cover
ExecutionerDeal 25% more damage with Rifles and SMG to enemies whose health is above 50%
Quick HunterIncreases Rifle and SMG damage to moving enemies by 10%
Nerves of SteelIncreases headshot damage with sniper rifles and precision rifles by 20%
Feel the FlowReduces reload time for Assault Rifles and SMG by 10%
Hunter’s HandsReduces recoil with Rifles and SMG by 20% when firing from behind cover
Trench WarfareIncreases Rifle and SMG damage by 5% when firing from behind cover
Named BulletsIncreases crit damage with Rifles and SMG by 35%
Skull SkipperEach headshot reduces recoil with Rifle and SMG by 5% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 5 times
BunkerIncreases armor and resistances by 15% when shooting with Rifle and SMG from behind cover
Recoil WranglerReduces recoil with Rifles and SMG by 10%
Long ShotRifle and SMG damage increases the farther you are located from enemies
In PerspectiveBullets fired from Rifles and SMG ricochet an additional 2 time(s)
Savage StoicIncreases damage with Rifles and SMG by 45% when standing still
PunisherAfter defeating an enemy with a Rifle or SMG, weapon sway is nullified and weapon spread does not increases for 10 sec. +0.2 sec per Perk level

Handguns Skill Tree

GunslingerReduces reload time for pistols and revolvers by 10%
High NoonIncreases crit chance with pistols and revolvers by 4%
Rio BravoIncreases headshot damage multiplier with pistols and revolvers by 10%
DesperadoIncreases damage with pistols and revolvers by 3%
On the FlyReduces draw/holster time of pistols and revolvers by 25%
Long Shot Drop popIncreases the damage with pistols and revolvers to enemies 5+ meters away by 15%
Steady handReduces Pistol and Revolver recoil by 30%
O.K. corralDeal 50% more damage with pistols and revolvers to enemies whose health is below 25%
Vanishing PointEvasion increases by 25% for 6 sec. after performing a dodge with a pistol or revolver equipped
A Fistfull of EurodollarsIncreases crit damage with pistols and revolvers by 10%
From head to toeIncreases damage to limbs with pistols and revolvers by 7%
Grand FinaleThe last round in a pistol or revolver clip deals double damage
AcrobatYou can now perform dodges while aiming with a pistol or revolver
Wild WestRemoves the damage penalty from pistols and revolvers when shooting from a distance
Attritional fireFiring consecutivge shots with a pistol or revolver at the same target increases damage by 10%
Snowball EffectAfter defeating an enemy fire rate (cycle time) for handguns receives a 5% boost for 6 seconds. Stacks up 5 times
WestworldIncreases Crit Chance by 10% for each mod installed on the handgun you’re using.
Lead SpongeEnables you to shoot with pistols and revovlers while dodging
The good, the bad and the uglyAfter a successful crit with a pistol or a revolver, damage and armor increase by 30% for 5 sec
BrainpowerAfter a successful headshot with a pistol or revolver, Crit chances increases by 25% for 5 sec

Blades Skill Tree

Roaring WatersStrong attacks deal 30% more damage
Slow and steadyArmor is increased by 50% while moving
Sting like a beeIncreases attack speed by 10%
Crimson DanceCombo attacks have a 10% chance to apply bleeding
Flight of the sparrowReduces the stamina cost of all attacks by 30%
Unstoppable slashIncreasess damage delivered while blocking by 200%
Shifting sandsDodging recovers 15% stamina
Stuck pigIncreases bleeding duration by 1%
Unbroken spiritA successful deflect recovers 25% health and stamina
Blessed bladeIncreases crit chance by 20%
BloodlustRecover 7% health when applying bleed to an enemy or hitting an enemy with bleeding
Float like a butterflyDodging increases damage dealt by 50% for 10 secs
Judge Jury and executionerDamage is increassed by 50% against targets at max health
Fiery blastIncreases damage against a target by 1% for every 1% of health that they are missing
DeathboltDefeating an enemy recovers 40% health and increases movement speed by 30% for 5 sec
Crimson tideBleeding applied by blades deal 300% more damage
Dragon StrikeIncreases crit damage with a katana by 25%. +1% more damage per perk point


Breach Protocol Skill Tree

Almost In!Increases the breach time for Breach Protocol by 20%
Mass VulnerabilityUnlocks the Mass Vulnerability daemon, which reduces physical resistance for all enemies in the network for 30% for 3 min.
Extended Network InterfaceAutomatically highlights nearby access points
Datamine MastermindUpgrade the datamine daemon, increasing the amount of components acquired from Access Points by 50%
Turret ShutdownUnlocks the Turret Shutdown daemon, which disables security turrets in the network for 3 min
Total RecallThe ICEpick daemon reduces all quickhack costs by an additional 1 RAM unit(s)
Mass Vulnerability: ResistanceUpgrades the Mass Vulnerability daemon, reducing all resistances for enemies in the network by 30%
Datamine VirtuosoUpgrades the datamine daemon, increasing the chance to acquire a quickhack from access points by 50%
Turret TamerUnlocks the turret tamer daemon, which sets the status of every turret in the network to friendly for 3 min
EfficiencyUploading 3 or more daemons in the same breach protocol increases cyberdeck RAM recovery rate by 3 unit(s) per 60 sec. Lasts 5 min
Totaler RecallThe ICEpick daemon reduces all quickhack costs by an additional 1 RAM unit(s)
Mass Vulnerability: Quick hacksUpgrades the Mass Vulnerability daemon, causing enemies in the network to also take 30% more damage from quickhacks
TransmigrationIncreases the breach time of Breach protocol by 50%. +5% per Perk level
Head startWhen entering combat, your Automatically uploads the first dameon in the list a the start of Breach protocolmovement speed increases by 20% for 10 sec
HackatonUploading 3 or more dameons in the same breach protocol shortens quickhack cooldowns by 33% for 5 min
Buffer OptimizationIncreases the duration of daemon effects by 100%
CompressionReduces the lengths of the sequences required to upload daemons by 1. Cannot be reduced below 2

Quick Hacking Skill Tree

BloodwareQuickhacks deal 10% more damage
BiosynergyAllow RAM to recover during combat. Recover 1 RAM unit(s) every 10 seconds
Hacker’s ManualUnlock diagrams for crafting uncommon hacks
I SpyReveal an enemy netrunner when they attempt to hack you
Forget-me-notEliminating a target affected by a quickhack instantly recovers 1 RAM unit(s)
Weak linkReduces the required cyberware ram for quickhacks used on devices by 1 unit(s)
Daisy chainEliminating a target that wass quickhacked instantly reduces the cooldown for other active quickhacks by 10%
Signal supportIncreasess quickhack duration by 30%
Subliminal messageQuickhacks do 50% more damage to unaware target
DiffusionQuickhack spread distance is increased by 2 times
MnemonicReduces the cost of quickhacks against an enemy already affected by quickhacks by 1 RAM units
School of hard hacksUnlock diagrams for crafting advanced hacks
PlaqueQuickhacks that spread can jump to 1 additional target
Critical errorQuickhacks can now deal crit damage based on your crit chance and crit damage stats
Hacker overlordUnlock diagrams for crafting specialized quickhacks
AnamnesisAvailable cyberware RAM cannot drop below 1 unit
OptimizationReduces the cost of quickhacks by 1 RAM unit(s)
Bartmoss’ legacyUnlock diagrams for crafting superior quickhacks
Master Ram LiberatorIncreases RAM recovery rate by 50% . +1% per perk point.
Hard MotherfuckerWhen entering combat, armor and resistance increase by 10% for 10 sec


Crafting Skill Tree

MechanicGain more components while dissassembling
True CraftsmanAllows you to craft rare items
ScrapperJunk items are automatically dissassembled
WorkshopDissassembling items grants a 5% to gain a free component of the same quality as the dissassembled item
InnovationEffects from crafted consumables last 25% longer
SapperCrafted grenades deal 10% more damage
200% EfficiencyCrafted clothes gain 2.5% more armor
Field technicianCrafted weapons deal 2.5% more damage
Grease monkeyAllows you to craft epic items
Efficient upgradesGrants a 10% chance to upgrade an item for free
Ex-nihiloGrants a 20% chance to craft an item for free
Let there be light!Reduces the component cost of upgrading items by 10%
Cost optimizationReduces component cost of crafting items by 15%
Waste Not Want NotWhen dissassembing an item, you get attached mods back
Tune UpAllows you to upgrade lower quality components into higher quality ones
IconoclastAllows you to craft legendary and iconic items
Cutting edgeCrafted legendary weapons automatically get one stat improved by 5%
Crazy ScienceIncreases the sales price of crafted items by 10%. +1% per perk point

Engineering Skill Tree

Blast shieldingReduces damage taken from explosions by 10%
Mech looterWhen looting robots, drones and mechs, there is a 25% chance of looting a weapon mod or attachment
GrenadierThe explosion radius of grenades is visible
Bigger boomsGrenades deal 5% more damage
Can’t touch thisGrants immunity to all effects from your own grenades
ShrapnelAll grenade types deal 20 damage in addition to their damage type
Lock and loadIncreases smart weapon reload speed by 5%
Up to 11Allows you to charge tech weapons up to 75% capacity
Blade runnerIncreases damage to mechanical enemies by 20%
Lightning boltIncreases crit chance with tech weapons by 3%
TeslaIncrease the charge multiplier for tech weapons by 25%
Gun WhispererFully Charged tech weapons do not shoot automatically
InsulationGrants immunity to shock
UberchargeFully charged tech weapons deal 50% more damage
Play the anglesRicochets deal an additional 50% damage
Fuck all wallsTech weapons discharge 50% faster
Lickety SplitTech weapon reload speed is reduced by 15%
SuperconductorTech weapons ignore armor
JackpotGrenades can now randomly deal critical hits
RevampIncreases damage from tech weapons by 25%. Charge damage is increased by 10% . Increases charge damage by 1% per perk point


Stealth Skill Tree

Crouching TigerIncreases movement speed while sneaking by 20%
Silent and DeadlyIncreases damage dealt by silenced weapons by 25% while sneaking
Hidden DragonAllows you to perform a lethal or non-lethal aerial takedown on unaware targets
Dagger DealerAllows you to throw knives, hold L2 to aim and press R2 to throw
AssassinDeal 15% more damage to human enemies
Strike from the shadowsIncreases your crit chance by 15% while sneaking
Leg UpMovement speed after a successful takedown is increased by 30% for 10 seconds
SniperIncreases damage from headshots fire from outside combat by 30%
CutthroatThrown knives deal 30% more damage
Blind FuryYou cannot be blinded
Clean WorkYou can pick up an enemy’s body immediately after performing a takedown by holding [KEYBIND]
Stunning BlowQuick melee attacks with ranged weapons stagger enemies, giving you an opportunity to grapple them
GhostDetection time is increased by 20%
From the ShadowsUpon entering combat, crit chance increases by 25% for 7 seconds
CommandoYou cannot be detected under water
Venomous FangsAll knives apply poison
RattlesnakeEnemies affected by poison are slowed
Silent FinisherEnemies with less than 25% Health are defeated instantly by thrown knives. Does not work on enemies with a lethal threat level
Hasty retreatTemporarily boosts movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds when detected by an enemy
Silent and Deadly 2Increases damage dealt by silenced weapons by 25% while sneaking
Hasten the InevitableDeal 20% more damage to enemies affected by poison
Cheat DeathWhen your health drops below 50% reduce all incoming damage by 50% for 10 seconds. Cannot occur more than once per minute
NeurotoxinDamage from poison is doubled
NinjutsuSneak attacks with melee weapons deal 100% more damage and guarantee a crit hit
ToxicologyIncreases the duration of poison applied to enemies by 5 seconds. +0.2 second per Perk point

Cold Blooded Skill Tree

Cold BloodAfter defeating an enemy, gain cold blood for 10 seconds and increase movement speed by 2%. Stacks up to 1 times
Will to surviveIncreases all resistances by 2.5% per stack of cold blood
Icy VeinsReduces weapon recoil by 2.5% per stack of cold blood
Critical ConditionIncreases duration of cold blood by 5 seconds
Frosty synapsesReduces quickhack cooldowns by 3% per stack of cold blood
Rapid BloodflowIncrease health regen inside and outside combat by 0.5% per stack of cold blood
Defensive ClottingIncreases armor by 1% per stack of cold blood
Coldest BloodIncreases max stack amount for cold blood by 1
Frozen PrecisionIncreases headshot damage by 50%
Blood brawlWhen cold blood is active, increases damage with melee weapons by 5%
PredatorIncreases attack speed by 1% per stack of cold blood
Quick TransferReduces quickhack upload time by 1% per stack of cold blood
Cold and CalculatingLanding a crit hit has 25% chance of applying a stack of cold blood
BloodswellWhen your health reaches 45%, a max stack of cold blood is automatically activated
UnbreakableIncreases max stack amount for cold blood by 1
CoolagulantStacks of cold blood are removed one by one, not all at once
Pain is an illusionWhen cold blood is active, reduces damage taken by 5%
ImmunityWhen cold blood is active, you are immune to bleeding, poison, burn and shock
MercilessWhen cold blood is active, increases crit chance by 10% and crit damage by 25%. For each Perk point, increases crit chance by 1% and crit damage by 3%.


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