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Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Weapons List

The Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Weapons List. Read on to learn how to get the weapons, gun stats, and weapon mods.

With the addition of the phantom liberty dlc, cyberpunk 2077 will be adding in plenty of new guns and weapons to go along with the iconic weapons of the base game. Here is the full list.

All 33 Phantom Liberty Iconic Legendary Weapons - Cyberpunk 2077

All Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty weapons

Here are the confirmed Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty guns and melee weapons so far:

Side Missions & Gigs Weapons

  • Cheetah – Kill Angie during the mission no easy way out
  • Vokodav – Found in a box in the police station during the mission waiting for dodger
  • Rosco – Kill Dodger in the mission waiting for dodger
  • Oguo – Defeat the Robot R MK.2 in the mission treating symptoms
  • Riskit – Kill dante during shot by both sides mission
  • Ol reliable – Let bree be killed in the mission shot by both sides
  • Pizdets – Kill Boris Rebakov during the mission spy in the jungle
  • Baby Boomer & Lina’s Tank Top – Tell Lina to convince tool he is a clone during the dazed and confused mission. Get her to read tools letter instead to get Lina’s unique tank top.
  • Ambition – Rescue hasan during protype into the scraper, he will contact you later in the story to give you the weapon
  • Mancinella – Start run this town for Mr Hands (Must be done before starting the games ending mission, immediately after firestarter mission)
  • Hercules 3AX – Found in the armoury in the mission roads to redemption, close to where you disarm the bomb
  • Crime Stopper – You can get this gun from the suitcase in the DA’s VIP Suite on the upper floor of Heavy Hearts during the Heaviest of Hearts side gig.
  • GRIS-GRIS – Slider’s hideout, requires keycard from wellness center (Treating symptoms Quest).
  • Carmen – To get carmen you need to convince paco to leave in balls to the wall
  • Dezerter – To get dezerter, during the quest the man who killed Jason foreman, put a gun to rinders head and he will give you a Stache key to save his life.

Increased Criminal Activity, Airdrops & World Weapons

  • Agaou – Found in an area of increased criminal activity, dropped by Ayo Zarin
  • Sparky – Found in an area of increased criminal activity
  • Raiju – Found in an area of increased criminal activity
  • Alabai – Found randomly from airdrops
  • Taigan – Found randomly from airdrops
  • Laika – Found randomly from airdrops
  • Borzaya – Found randomly from airdrops
  • Pozhar XMOD2 – Unknown
  • Kappa XMOD2 – Unknown
  • Kyubi X-MOD2 – This gun is found at the bottom of the big circular pool of water just across the street from the Golden Pacific.
  • CUT-O-MATIC XMOD-2 – This melee weapon is located in Terra Cognita in south Dogtown, close to the Increased Criminal Activity scav hideout in the convention centre. Go to the area with the spaceship statue and its behind there.

Quest Related Weapons

  • Hawk – Found in your apartment in Dogtown after reed and myers leave at the start of Lucretia my reflection
  • Her Majesty – Give by alex at the start of the main mission Get it Together
  • Rasetsu – Reward during the main mission you know my name
  • NDI Osprey – You can get this from the case on the left in the armoury of Alex’s safehouse during the Birds With Broken Wings mission.

Ending Related Weapons

  • Bald Eagle – Defeat Kurt Hansen (Reeds Ending Only)
  • Fang – Defeat Kurt Hansen (Reeds Ending Only)
  • Wild Dog – Defeat Kurt Hansen (Reeds Ending Only)
  • Crowbar – looting a box near the beginning of the tunnel where you drop underground during the main mission “Somewhat Damaged”. (Reeds Ending Only)
  • Erebus – The Crafting Spec for this iconic is available for looting during the main mission “Somewhat Damaged” (Reeds Ending Only)
  • Murphy’s Law – Dropped by one of Kurt Hansen’s Men during Firestarter (Songbirds Ending Only)
  • Paraiah – From Reed at the end of Songbirds quest if you fulfil her wishes (Songbird Ending)


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Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Weapons list

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