Cyberpunk 2077 Pattern Recognition Mission Walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 Pattern Recognition

Cyberpunk 2077 Pattern Recognition

This page contains our Cyberpunk 2077 Pattern Recognition Mission Walkthrough Guide, everything you need to know about the first main mission in the Night City.

Quest Giver?

The quest is given by mister hands

Quest Locations?

The mission Pattern Recognition will take you to the following locations

  1. Rollands Butcher shop
  2. Pacifica Coastway
  3. Batty’s Hotel
  4. Homeless Encampment
  5. Grand Imperial Mall

Pattern Recognition Walkthrough

All the steps to complete the pattern recognition mission, some of the steps are linked to a youtube video walkthrough if needed.

  • Follow Brigitte
  • Talk to Placide
  • Follow Placide
  • Meet Placide’s men
  • Get into the freezer
  • Wait for the connection
  • Find the van in the lobby
  • Get to the van
  • Find the agent in the cinema
  • Deal with Sasquatch
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