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Live streaming is a powerful way to connect with your target audience and personalize your message in a way thatu2019s unique compared to other marketing mediums. Itu2019s a simple process to send a live feed over the internet to your audience, but it can have big results. The growth of live streaming has been exponential, with the marketu00a0increasing from $30 billion in 2016 to an expected value of $70 billion in 2021u00a0andu00a0$184 billion by 2027. Thatu2019s a huge amount of growth, and itu2019s something thatu2019s forcing marketers to sit up and take notice, withu00a028% starting to invest more in live streaming.

Live streaming is growing fast

One of the main reasons you should care about live stream is simply due to its huge user base and growing popularity.nnThe potential to reach thousands (or more) of new customers with the click of a button is becoming a reality.nWhen tactics like search engine optimization and content marketing are taking up too much time and money, you need a new outlet to drive traffic. Using live-stream platforms is a nearly free way to drive tons of revenue for your business.
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Engage your viewers in real time

Beyond these technical aspects, keeping your audience engaged is paramount to a productive live stream. Your audience enjoys your content from behind a screen, but that doesnu2019t mean live streaming has to be a one-way street. Encouraging dialogue with your audience is a must-have for any successful stream.

Rethink how youu2019ll tackle the next one

No doubt that all of this can feel daunting, so remember to take it bit by bit. Julie Starr, Director of Learning & Development at Convene, advises to not get bogged down with making tons of improvements every time. u201cAt Convene, we like to talk about u201cGetting 1% better every day,u2019u201d she says. u201cItu2019s important to keep the content fresh, and respond to the needs of your participants.


I started covering games on youtube in 2013 and have been making videos ever since. Originally I starter with making minecraft build tutorials and then mods for skyrim on console. For a couple of years I covered PUBG updates and then Warzone. Going forward Im focusing solely on making guides for new and upcoming games.

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