Call of Duty: Modern Warfare All Perks/Killstreaks

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare All Perks/Killstreaks

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Page Contents

  • Character Perks
  • Killstreaks
  • Weapon Perks

All Weapon perks

  1. Sleight of Hand:Training in reloading faster when under pressure.
  2. FMJ: Increases bullet penetration and damage against equipment and killstreaks.
  3. Stance Training:Extra training provides greater accuracy in the supported positions.
  4. Frangible Wounding – Bullets cause the target healing to be briefly delayed.
  5. Burst – Changes fire mode to 3-round burst.
  6. Semi Auto – Changes the fire mode to semi automatic
  7. Mo’Money – Earn additional XP from headshots.
  8. Fast Melee – Training in executing melee maneuvers with great speed.
  9. Burst Fire (x3)  Enhanced – Changes fire mode to 3-round burst with improved firing rate.
  10. Presence of Mind – Infinite hold breath
  11. Dual Wield – Pistols

All Character Perks
Perk 1

  1. Double Time: Triple the duration of Super Sprint and fully refresh Super Sprint on kills.
  2. E.O.D: Take reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. Hack enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, and C4.
  3. Scavenger: Resupply ammo from dead players.
  4. Tracker: Enemies leave behind trails and death markers. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%.
  5. Tune Up: Increase the charge rate of field upgrades by 50%.

Perk 2

  1. Ghost: Undetectable by UAVs, Radar Drones, Heartbeat Sensors, and High Alert. Hide the death markers of enemies you kill.
  2. Hardline: Your killstreaks cost 1 less kill.
  3. Kill Chain: Killstreaks earned in your current life earn kill credit for other killstreaks.
  4. Overkill: Carry two primary weapons.
  5. Restock: Recharge equipment over 30 seconds.

Perk 3

  1. Amped: Faster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed.
  2. Battle Hardened: Reduce strength of enemy flash, stun, and EMP effects.
  3. Cold-Blooded: Undetectable by AI targeting system and thermal optics. Immune to snapshot grenades.
  4. High-Alert: Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you.
  5. Shrapnel: Spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration.
  6. Spotter: See enemy equipment, field upgrades, and killstreaks through walls. Mark them for your team by looking at them while aiming down sights.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare All Perks/Killstreaks
All Modern Warfare Killstreaks

  1. Juggernaut: Call in a care package that contains the Juggernaut assault gear.
  2. Infantry Assault Vehicle: Manned light infantry assault vehicle with a .50 cal machine gun on top.
  3. White Phosphorus: Cover the battlefield with white smoke flare canisters that will disorient the enemy and burn any that wander too close.
  4. Personal Radar – Escort drone that enables the radar for the owner and pings nearby enemies.
  5. Counter UAV – A drone that constantly emits a scrambling signal, disabling enemy mini maps and incrementally disrupting their senses the closer they get to it,
  6. Care Package – As we’ve seen in Call of Duty games since Modern Warfare 2, this drop provides a random killstreak
  7. Cluster Strike – Signal for a number of cluster mortars to hit the chosen target
  8. Cruise Missile – Deploys a missile from the sky to impact an area with high damage
  9. UAV – This is similar to the Personal UAV, but provides a mini-map for the whole team
  10. Precision Airstrike – Send two fighter jets into the map to strike the best possible path.
  11. Wheelson – A small remote tank with a powerful airburst turret (works like a Cerberus from Black Ops 3)
  12. Chopper Gunner – Take control of a chopper and mow down enemies with bullets and missiles
  13. Advanced UAV – This acts like a blackbird from the Black Ops series, where it will show the enemy team constantly and the way they’re facing
  14. Infantry Assauly Vehicle – A manned light infantry vehicle with a .50 cal machine gun on the top.
  15. VTOL Jet – A fighter jet releases an initial missle then hovers a selected area and rains down hellfire on enemies
  16. Nuke – A reported 25 kills in a row will give you a nuke that will end the game and award you the win
  17. Gunship – The AC-130 is in the game, however it is called a gunship. rain down on the enemy with three varieties of gun.
  18. Support Helo – Call in a heavy assauly helicopter to patrol the map.
  19. Emergency Airdrop – Three care packages dropped on a marked location

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