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Ghost Recon Breakpoint CTMMG Blueprint Location

The CTMMG is a powerful light machine gun in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It is a belt-fed weapon that uses 5.56mm ammunition and has a high rate of fire. The CTMMG has a large magazine capacity of 100 rounds, making it ideal for sustained suppressive fire.

To obtain the CTMMG in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you can look for it in weapon cases or lootable objects throughout the game world. You can also purchase it from Maria’s shop in Erewhon using Skell Credits. Once acquired, you can equip the CTMMG to your loadout by accessing the weapon customization menu.

The CTMMG is a formidable weapon that can deal significant damage to enemies and suppress them effectively. Its high rate of fire and large magazine capacity make it ideal for taking on groups of enemies or holding down a defensive position. However, its weight and recoil can make it difficult to handle, especially when firing in sustained bursts.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint CTMMG

Ghost Recon Breakpoint How To Get The CTMMG Blueprint

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