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Ghost Recon Breakpoint All 115 Weapon Blueprints, Attachments and Gear Locations

Breakpoint all 115 weapon blueprints, attachments and gear that can be found in the game world – One of the biggest features of any Ghost Recon game is the weapons.  In ghost Recon Breakpoint there are over 100 unique weapon types to find.  Weapons in game can be acquired as enemy loot drops, found inside of chests, purchased from the store at random in your hideout or the best way buy on demand.

In order to buy weapons on demand you must first find the weapons unique blueprint.  Each blueprint is found inside of a unique chests somewhere in the game world.  Nearly all of these chests are located close to enemy soldiers or guarded by Behemoths.

The weapons in Ghost Recon breakpoint are split up into Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, Launchers and mounted guns and with the exception of mounted guns, every other weapon has a unique blueprint to be found.

Here is a complete guide to all weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Breakpoint All 115 Weapon Blueprints & Gear

Egg Island

Recon A1 – Bioluminescent Cavern


MK48 – Auroa Parliament

MP5 – Maunga Nui Eco Park

MAWL-DA – Liberty Airport

AMP24 Backpack – Frederic Bastiat Residence

DMR Compensator – Detention Center

Steiner Vision – Auroa Solar Power Plant

ASR Muzzle Break – Auroa Hospital

RU12SG Eternity

Mount Hodgson Cryohope

SMG Flash Hider – Richard Cobden Residence

Black Paint M – Construction Site

Sniper Gnome Patch – Liberty Port

Windy Islands

MK17 – Garbage Dump

Scorpion EV03 – Auroa Recycling Factory

ASR Compensator – Windy Island Port

LMG Flash Hider – Behemoth Defence Area

Seal Islands

Black Paint B – Behemoth Defence Area

HDG Flash Hider – West Radar Station

Bipod – Fuel Storage

P320 – Behemoth Defence Area

Unknown Glacier – Sentinel Corp. Naval Base

HK416 – Shark Base

Mk14 – Abandoned Barracks


Range Finder – Behemoth Defence

M4A1 Behemoth Defence

SMG Compensator – Oceanic Power Plant

Twin Falls Mountain – Electric Grid Control

DMR Flash Hider – Red Shark Outpost

F40 Navy Fuelling Station

L115A3 Auroa Power Plant

PS15ATN Step Up Start-up

Good Hope Mountain

P90 – Behemoth Defence

AK74 – Auroa Survival Shelter

SMG Muzzle Brake – Camp weasel

Restricted Area 1

STG Muzzle Break – Arrow Testing Zone

SHIFT Vertical Foregrip – Assembly Hall Omega 2

M4 – Behemoth Defence

L86A1 – Outpost Red Ferret

Digital Skin – Behemoth Defence Area

SASG12 – Camp Ferret

G28 – Training Center

LMG Muzzle Break – Training Center

Cyberdeath -Omega R&D Center

553 – Behemoth Defence Area

M82 – Assembly Hall Omega 1

Army Jacket – Behemoth Defence Area

EXPS3 – Freeman Residence

New Sterling

HDG Muzzle Break – Blue Viper Outpost

L3GP – World Seedvault


RU Collimator Sight – Auroa Airport

SN 9mm – Infinity Transport Hub

KSG12 – Skell Security

M9 – Skell Technology Head Office

DMR Muzzle Break – Outpost Green Viper

Lake Coutry

C-SFP – Skell Security operations

ASR Flash Hider – Two Lakes Residence

T95 – Behemoth Defence Area

PX4 – Behemoth Defence Area

SVD-63 – Behemoth Defence Area

Khaki Paint – Ancient Fort (Map Bugged)

Whalers Bay

G36C – Air Chassis Factory

STG Small Magazine – Whalers Bay Airfield

FRF2 – Land Chassis Factory

SMG Small Magazine – Behemoth Defence Area

Silent Mountain

Regal Blossom – Pumping Station

SNR Extended Magazine – Auroa intranet control

New Argyll

Wolves Patch – brewery

Skull Bones Patch – New Argyll Winery

MP7 – Outpost Black Tiger

DMR Small Magazine – Fish Processing Center

Mount Hodgson

6P41 – Behemoth Defence Area

ASR Small Magazine – Silent Valley Mine

SC20K – Bald Peak Mine

P45T – Chem Extraction Complex

M1911 – Mining Control Center

Wild Coast

Tavor – Engine R&D

5.7 USG – Hybrid Engine Factory

HSGI Taco Patch – Wild Coast Freight Yard

P227 – Behemoth Defence

Tan Paint – Control Station Tiger 1

SNR Muzzle Brake – Outpost Blue Tiger

Smugglers Cove

Tac 50 – Maunga Nui Port

AUG – Auroa Materials Depot

Black Paint D – Behemoth defence area

APTIALx3 – Composite Factory

USP Tactical – Outpost Red Tiger

Fen Bog

LMG Compensator – Fen Bog Testing Zone

5.11 Rush24 Backpack – Checkpoint Tiger Bravo

Lake Dynamite – Ancient Village

UMP – Longford Farm

VHSD2 – Whitestone Farm

A-TACS Skull A Patch – Shipping Center

Multicam Alpine Paint – Fen Bog Port

AK47 – Behemoth Defence Area

Sinking Country

Desert Eagle – Howard Airfield

Tactical Goggles – Radar Station North

HDG Compensator – Radar Station North

MG121 – Ammunitions Depot

CTMMG – Sentinel Corp. Land Base

RU Vertical Foregrip – Equipment Depot

Scorpio – Behemoth Defence

805 Bren – Camp Tiger

Driftwood Islets

HTI – Behemoth Defence Area

A2 – Camp Kodiak

Bullpup PDR – Driftwood Islets Testing Zone

Long Sound – Ancient Sanctuary

Cape North

AK12 – Skell Foundation Campus

RU Long Range Sight – Campus Data Farm

Vector – Behemoth Defence Area

Main Missions

516 – Jesus Morrison

Sharp Thunder – Avenge Your Brothers In Arms

Silver Stake Tactical – Avenge Your Brothers In Arms

M93 – Speak No Evil

Side Missions

Stoner – Critical Mass

MPX – Firepower in whalers bay

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