Breakaway Map

Breakaway Map

This page contains all the details of the Breakaway Map in BF2042

Breakaway Map
Breakaway Map


Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Tread carefully on this dynamic map, where oil extraction has turned the freezing area to a strategic hot spot. Take advantage of destructible fuel tanks and silos that create debris fields and permanent fires when destroyed.

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When you’re fleeing a war zone with a gunshot wound and somebody often you a ride, you don’t ask where they’re headed. That’s how l ended up stranded at Russia’s “Gan Station at The End of the World,” an oil rig in Antarctica. 

For years, No-Pats across the globe have relied on Russia for their oil but it’s clear, things are changing. Russia and America seem to be at each other’s throats. Just as we arrived, Russia decided to cut off oil to No-Pats. The price to turn the spigot back on is singular allegiance to Russia. A price Oz is unwilling to pay. 

“It’s practically a hostage situation,” says Specialist Constantin Anghel, whose own vessel has been stuck here for three weeks. “War is coming, my friend, and everybody knows it.” His words are prescient. Not a minute later, Klaxons burst to life as an American destroyer appears on the horizon.

By 39, with rising sea levels, nations finally understood to leave Antarctica’s ice alone. That is, except Russia, who secretly violated an international treaty protecting the continent from drilling. A remote science facility quietly became a refining operation responsible for 4000 barrels of crude daily.

“It’s only a matter of time until America comes for this place,” whistles Anghel, “and not to save the penguins.” Over time, more No-Pat vessels wind up stranded here, debating the offer of fuel for fealty. The cold and isolation are crippling. Many take the bargain. “Shortsighted. No-Pats shouldn’t choose sides.” grunts Constantin, “Think of Poland in World War 1.

Their country hadn’t been on a map for 150 years – the Polish Legion did whatever – for whomever- to make sure that when the dust settled, they had a country again. Sometimes war is the only way home.” That last line. I’ve heard those words before, from Oz. It’s a rallying cry. But this isn’t a few thousand fighting for a flag. this is 1.2 billion with little to unite them.

No-Pats aren’t the Polish, they’re a powder keg.

After the Klaxons start, the sound of two Starbursts rattle the ice shelves from the shore. I understand enough Russian now to catch two words: “Cowboys” and “War.” The American ship returns a warning shot from its cannon as a confident voice blaring from the ship’s radio orders the Russians to stand down.

That’s when I notice the ship is flying the No-Pat emblem, not Old Glory. ľ’d later learn Oz had sent in his most trusted captain to extract the stranded No-Pats that Russia was trying to coerce. I race to be among the refugees boarding the ship. designated MFS-04 Exodus, with Anghel’s words echoing in my ears.

There’s a fight coming that I want nothing to do with, and yet, here l am on a warship. Perhaps Oz is right. War is the only way home.

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