Borderlands 3 – Brashis Dedication Unique Weapons Guide

Borderlands 3 – Brashis Dedication Unique Weapons Guide

Here is how to get Brashis dedication Unique Weapon in Borderlands 3, plus a look at the weapons unique stats and abilities.

How to Get The Weapon?

To find this weapon you need to complete the mission Headcase for Vaugh.  To start it first you will need to complete the main mission Cult Following and after defeating the final boss Mouthpiece, you can start this mission.

  1. Behind the boss room up the stairs on the left you will find a head lying around, interact with it to start the mission.
  2. The mission starts with you plugging the head in to enter the simulation
  3. Next you need to find VIC, along the way you must pick up her memory fragments as well, so she remembers who she is.
  4. Most of the mission is killing random enemies
  5. Once you interact with VIC a mini boss called the Interrogator and some enemies require some killing.
  6. After the boss is defeated head back and out the simulation to complete the quest and receive the Brashis Dedication Sniper Rifle.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage Scales with level
  • Accuracy 98%
  • Handling 47%
  • Reload Speed 3.2s
  • Fire Rate 3.18s
  • Magazine size 14

Weapon Bonuses

  • + Critical Hit Chace 10%
  • +27% Weapon Fire Rate
  • +15% Reload Speed
  • 2.2x and 8x scope


  • Three Sims are better than one
  • Can switch between doing corrosive and shock damage.  13% chance of doing elemental damage.
  • Shock damage is effective against shields
  • Corrosive is effective against armor
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You can fire at long range and do corrosive damage or short-range shock damage.

Personally, im not a fan, it’s a sniper rifle and I want it to do crit damage, and with its 3 separate bullets it fires instead of 1.  Even if you do get a crit hit, you’re a lot of the time only dealing damage with one bullet not all three.

Its decent at close range with the shock damage and has a decent fire rate, but with only 48 bullets in total, it runs out a less than a minutes, so far from the best weapon to use.

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