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Borderlands 3 Tankman’s Shield Legendary Weapons Guide

Borderlands 3 Tankman’s Shield

The Borderlands 3 Tankman’s Shield is a Legendary Sniper Rifle dropped in game as part of the recent DLC Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot and is only available in game while playing in Mayhem 4 difficulty.  The weapon is considered one of the best weapons in game thanks to its fast fire rate, magazine size, reload speed and special stats.

Red Text – You ever seen this dude tank anything ever?


Borderlands 3 Tankman’s Shield How to Get

The tankmans shield is part of the Moxxi’s heist of handsom jackpot DLC and can be found as a loot drop by killing captain truant or valkyrie squad on Mayhem 4 difficulty.  Captain Traunt is located at the end of the planet Athenas.


Borderlands 3 Tankman’s Shield Stats

Base Stats

  • Accuracy: 92%
  • Handling: 76%
  • Reload Time: 3.4s
  • Fire Rate: 3.49/s
  • Magazine Size: 18

Special Stats

  • +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • +25% Shield Capacity
  • +15% Reload Speed
  • +80% Melee Damage
  • 5.7x Zoom


Weapon Effects

  • After using phasecast, status effect chance is increased by 50% for a short time.
  • Every kill adds +20% weapon damage to all bullets of the next magazine.
  • Hyperion: Sustained fire increases accuracy. Aiming activates front shield.


  • The Tankman’s Shield is effective with Moze’s ForgeClick, Click…, Some for the Road, The Iron Bank, Scorching RPM’s and Redistribution skills in utilizing and gaining stacks of the bonus damage effect.
  • The damage bonus is reset if no kills are done before a reload.

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