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Borderlands 3 Radiation Element

Borderlands 3 Radiation Element

Borderlands 3 Radiation Element inflicts a degrading status effect that deals damage to enemies that have been afflicted by it. The radiation effect can be found on weapons, grenades, shields and even artifacts like the loaded dice. As well as dealing damage to the enemy you hit with radiation damage, it will also deal damage to any enemy nearby as well.

Weaknesses and resistances

Radiation weapons will have a slightly lower base damage compared to weapons with a different element. In the regular game mode the damage dealt to enemies flesh and shields is normal, but damage to armor is reduced. In mayhem and true vault hunter modes damage to shields is further reduced again.

Radiation Aura

Enemies afflicted with radiation give off a aura of radiation dealing the same amount of damage to any enemy within the aura. The aura is around 8 feet from the afflicted enemy. Those enemies damaged in the aura are do not become irradiated, they simply take damage.

Radiation Explosion

However, when an enemy with radiation does die, the explode and can afflict any enemy in the blast radius with radiation, with the explosion also dealing damage of 3× the status effect’s damage per second.

Enemies who have become irradiated because of another enemy exploding due to radiation take reduced damage of 3/8 the original to prevent an overpowered chain reaction of exploding enemies.

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