Borderlands 3 How Do Legendary Weapons Work


All you need to know about the basics on how Legendary weapons work on Borderlands 3.

Jackhammer Legendary Weapon
Jackhammer Legendary Weapon

Not everyone reading this guide will be an expert of Borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons, it might be the first Borderlands 3 game you have played or first looter shooter for that matter.  Here are the basics of what you need to know for Borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons.

  • Legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 are unique items with special traits and perks on them. 
  • You’ll know Legendary weapons from their Gold colour and the Red Text in their description. This Red Text is usually a bit of flavour text that can give you an insight into the gun’s name, origin, or unique effects.
  • When a Legendary item drops on the ground, if you dont spot it first time it will also show up on your mini-map, marked by a star symbol.
  • Legendary weapons are unique from each other but not one of a kind, you can find the same weapon over and over again but with different stats.  Some stats on the legendary items are always the same, other stats are random and you must farm your favourite weapons until you get your favourite one, with the perfect stats.
  • Certain Legendary weapons drop from specific bosses or Legendary Hunt challenges, but others have a random chance of dropping from any cache of loot, Dead Body or like i said previously random loot spots like toilets.
  • The different types of legendary item you can collect are, Weapons, Shields, Grenades, Class Mods and Artifacts.
Loaded Dice Legendary Artifact
Loaded Dice Legendary Artifact

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