Borderlands 3 Fall/Winter Content & DLC Plans Revealed

Borderlands 3 Fall/Winter Content Includes Events and DLC

Borderlands 3 has a ton of content, not only the main game, but end game as well.

Anointed Weapons Are Available End Game

Even if you somehow manage to conquer every challenge Borderlands 3 throw at you, collect a sizeable chunk of its billion-plus weapons, and max out every Vault Hunter class, there’s still plenty more Borderlands 3 content to come. Here’s just a taste of what’s on the horizon for Borderlands 3 Fall/Winter Content:

Bloody Harvest

  • Free Content Update
  • Spooky Activities
  • Unique Event Rewards

Maliwan Takedown

  • Free Content Update
  • An All New Map
  • Challenging New Enemies
  • Take Down An All New Boss
  • Earn Powerful Rewards


  • Included With The Season Pass
  • New Campaign Add On
  • More To Be Announced Soon…

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