Borderlands 3 December Hotfix Update Full Patch Notes!

Borderlands 3 December Hotfix Update

The borderlands 3 December hotfix is here and with it sees the end of the Halloween event to make way for the new upcoming DLC.  With this hotfix, the Bloody Harvest event is fading from Borderlands 3. As the event ends, you will no longer see Haunted enemies, travel to Heck, or be able to complete Bloody Harvest challenges until the spooky season returns next year!

The update itself is only bug fixes and the details are listed below.

Borderlands 3 December Hotfix Update Patch Notes

  • Addressed a reported issue where loot was sometimes falling into an unreachable area in Slaughterstar 3000
  • Addressed a reported issue where the movement speed bonus with Amara’s passive ability “Mindfulness” when buffed with Spiritual Driver class mod was sometimes extremely high
  • Mindfulness was designed with the intent that reaching maximum stacks was not easily achievable so the bonus per grade was high. We want players to take advantage of move speed but not to the extent where parts of the game may not function correctly.
  • Addressed a reported issue with the Spiritual Driver class mod where it was sometimes awarding damage for all types of damage and not just gun damage
  • Decreased pet audio so FL4K’s Jabber would be less vocal
  • Zane’s passive ability “Death Follows Close” fails to bring correct bonus to several kill skills after unlocking this ability in Skills menu
  • Addressed a reported issue where Zane’s passive ability “Nerves of Steel” would sometimes lose functionality after fast traveling
  • Fixed typos on Desperate Measures and Stainless Steel Bear skills
  • Fixed multiple spots where players were sometimes able to escape the map in Skywell-27
  • Fixed multiple spots where players would sometimes get stuck in Ambermire
  • Fixed various areas in Septic Sluice and Green Diamond Platform that allowed players to reach unintended areas
  • Fixed various areas on Pandora that sometimes allowed players to escape the map
  • Fixed a reported issue where some players could not hear the flaming skulls from Billy, the Anointed
  • Fixed a reported issue where Brick’s sledgehammer sometimes continued to spin after being thrown at an enemy during the mission “Hammerlocked”

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