Borderlands 3 Cosmic Stalker

Borderlands 3 Cosmic Stalker
Collector Cosmic Stalker Legendary Class Mod

Borderlands 3 Cosmic Stalker

The Borderlands 3 Cosmic Stalker Class Mod is a Legendary Item for FL4K that improves his hunt power skill.  This guide will tell you how to get the Cosmic Stalker and its unique stats and abilities.

Check out the Borderlands 3 Cosmic Stalker Class Mod Guide Below.

Borderlands 3 Cosmic Stalker

Borderlands 3 Cosmic Stalker Guide

How to Get the Cosmic Stalker

The Cosmic Stalker class mod for FL4K is found as a random weapon drop in game.  Legendary drops can be difficult to come by but increasing the difficulty to Mayhem III and fighting bosses can help increase the odds.

Collector Cosmic Stalker Stats

  1. FL4Ks Hunt skill +4
  2. FL4K Hunters eye skill +1
  3. Increased weapon accuracy (random)
  4. Increased Hyperion weapon fire rate (random)
  5. increased atlas weapon damage (random)

The collector cosmic stalker class mod in BL3 is the perfect item if you want to increase your players damage to different enemy types without spending the skill points.  The random stats listed above are specific to this class mod and your own drop may vary.

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