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Borderlands 3 Characters FAQ Levelling, XP, Skills & More

Borderlands 3 Characters FAQ Levelling, XP, Skills & More Borderlands 3 How Do Characters Work

Not everyone has played previous borderlands game and might not be familiar with the features of how your characters work.   Here is the info on  stats and how to improve each of your characters in game.

  • Characters in Borderlands 3 have there own unique skill tree, which can be upgraded with skill points you earn from levelling up.
  • Each characters skill tree has 3 branches with 39 different skills to choose from, some of which can be levelled up to 5 times.  In total there are 126 possible skills to learn for each character, however you only have 50 skill points to spend, so you must choose carefully what skills you think are important.
  • There are 3 Action Skills to choose for each character, each giving a unique ability to the player.  You can equip one or two of these skills, depending on the character and you can use any of these skills you like and switch at any time as they dont require skill points to use.
  • There are 15 different Action Skill Augments to choose for each character (5 in each skill tree). You can only equip a limited number of these.  In order to access them first you need to unlock skills in the skill to reach them and so you must choose wisely the skills you want to learn while taking into account what augments you want to unlock as well.  You might need to learn some skills you dont really want in order to unlock your best augments.
  • To Get skill points in Borderlands 3 you get them by levelling up your character.  every time you loot or kill and enemy or do anything you can earn XP. After a certain amount is earned you will gain a level and 1 skill point to spend.
  • After you reach the end game you get a second skills page which you can level up and gain extra abilities and perks (Apply to all characters).  These are called Guardian Ranks and you have a separate XP bar for it.

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