Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Gameplay and Details

Bloody Harvest is the first free DLC update to Borderlands 3 and includes new mission, new enemies, new weapons and more content.

A New Debuff

So the first new content is a new defuff called terror.

This partially shrouds your vision in a mysterious mist and weakens your gun handling, accuracy, and spread.


As you explore the ghost-infested galaxy, you’ll earn Hecktoplasm that can be turned in to Maurice, your scaly new pal who’s taken residence aboard Sanctuary III.


There are New Enemies to fight like jack o rakks and a new boss Captain Haunt.  Plus, there will be a lot more unique scary themed mosters.


The big question, what about new weapons and cosmetics, Well earn some new cosmetic rewards during the event. Here’s a look at some of the spooky swag that you can only earn during Bloody Harvest for each of the character.

All told, you can add an ECHO Device Skin, a Weapon Trinket, a skin for each of the four Vault Hunters (which also apply to Moze’s mech Iron Bear and Fl4K’s pets), and ultimately a Global Weapon Skin to your collection if you dedicate yourself to destroying the undead.


There’s also new Legendary loot to farm, including two guns and a shield that play into the new Terror mechanic, as well as a grenade mod. Additionally, new Anointed loot drops from Haunted enemies, Ghosts, and Captain Haunt will have a chance to have Terror-based modifiers.

Blood harvest launches in time for Halloween and includes new mission, new enemies, new weapons/ shields and grenade, mods, cosmetics and a new area

All for free, the event will last 6 weeks and the items you can earn are exclusive, so cannot be found after the 6 weeks is up.

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