Borderlands 3 Best Legendary Farm Guide

Borderlands 3 Best Legendary Farm

The legendary weapons in borderlands 3 are designed to be quite easy to find.

Unlike previous borderlands games, in Borderlands 3 its all about getting a legendary with the perfect stat rolls, so each legendary item will need to farmed to get the perfect roll (the white text bonuses on the item)

For example if your playstyle is dealing high damage, you might want to farm your favourite assault rifle until it has a Crit Hit and Damage bonus.

Despite how common legendary items are in game, there are ways to farm the items to make sure you get the most out of your playtime.

here is the best Borderlands 3 Legendary Farm

Stage 1 – Complete the main story and unlock Mayhem Mode 3, this will give you the bonus +500% loot Quality. Enemies are more difficult but rewards are worth it. It might be annoying if your just starting but there is no need to collect all legendaries until your level 50.

Stage 2 – After activating Mayhem Mode Level 3 (On Sanctuary) Head to the planet Athenas, there is a boss here who you can fight over and over again, who will drop legendary items almost every time, usually more than one.

Stage 3 – Head to this location on the map to find the monster Chunpacabratch, dont worry about killing stuff along the way, just run past them. Make sure to activate the save sphere next to the bridge before fighting the monster.

Stage 4 – Fight the Chunpacabratch , use fire elemental to kill it in seconds, otherwise it will take a while to kill on Mayhem Level 3. Once dead it will drop legendary items, it dropped 3 on this occasion.

Step 5 – Once you pick up your loot simply press start and quit the game, you can rejoin and you will start at the save point beside the bridge, allowing you to quickly kill the Chunpacabratch again.

Step 6 – Repeat until your inventory is full, I managed to repeat the step every couple of minutes and collect over 50 legendary items an hour.

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