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Ghost Recon Breakpoint AK47 Blueprint Location

If you’re searching for the unique assault rifle blueprint for the AK47 in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, here’s where to find it. In the game, weapons can be obtained through various means such as military chests located in different areas, drops from defeated enemies, or purchase from shops.

As weapons level up, it’s necessary to replace them as you progress through the game. However, the only guaranteed way to obtain a specific weapon is by finding its blueprint. This allows you to purchase the weapon from the shop at your current level whenever you desire.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint How To Get The AK47 Blueprint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint AK47

AK47 Location

To get the AK47 you need to head to fen bog and look for the Behemoth at Holmwood Mangrove. Just south of Longford Farm.

For stats it has penetration in class, kicks like a mule.

AK47 Attachments

  • Extended mag or Small Mag
  • Compensator, Suppressor, Muzzle Brake or Flash Hider
  • Rail Cover, PEQ15, ATPIALx3 or Range Finder
  • 5 Sights

Passive Perks

After a kill do +5 damage, you will need to unlock the MK1 and MK2 perks and then upgrade the weapon fully to unlock the 2 remaining perks for the gun.

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