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Black Ops Cold War Best Settings

The Black Ops Cold War Best Settings guide provides useful tips for optimizing your settings to enhance your aim and increase your kill count in the game’s battle royale mode. Since the ideal settings vary based on individual factors such as hardware, playstyle, and preferences, we recommend making eight specific changes while leaving the rest on default.

Black Ops Cold War Best Settings

What Are The Best Settings In Black Ops Cold War?

Controller Settings

Tactical Layout

The first setting to change is your button layout from the default option to tactical.  This makes a small but useful change in that the melee buttons and the sprint and crouch button are switched around.  B or Circle becomes the right stick or R3.

By doing this it allows you to run and slide going around corners while being able to aim as the right stick is also the aim button, giving you a great advantage that you would struggle to do otherwise.

Slowdown and Strafing Aim Assist

The next setting your gonna want to change is the slowdown & strafing aim assist.  This will slow down your sensitivity when you aim at an enemy target.  But it also slows your movement as well to help you your aim.

Now this will help brand new players to get some help with aiming but ultimately its only going to put you at disadvantage in a gun fight against someone who has this disable because you’re not aiming as quickly as your opponent.


Auto Sprint

Next by default your character sprints by pressing the left stick, but the time it takes to do that can be cut out by changing these settings.

Jump into controller settings, press advanced settings and go to auto sprint and enable it.  That’s just one less thing to worry about in each match.


By default you must press square or x to reload, slightly different from modern warfare where hold to reload was the default setting.

In cold war head to settings advanced settings and change the interact/reload behaviour to prioritize reload.

This means when you tap the button you will reload first if there is an option to reload and interact, say pick up a weapon on the ground.  You will now tap to reload and hold to interact. 

Graphic Settings Settings

Motion Blur

The next setting is Motion and the only setting to change during alpha.  The motion blur setting is there to add some for the very nice cinematics but during a multiplayer match it has zero benefit to you.

When looking around you want to be able to see your enemies straight away.  You can see clearly from the image when motion blur is on and when it is off the difference in being able to spot an enemy.


Audio Settings

Audio Presets

That brings us nicely to the next setting audio presets, by default this is set to Treyarch mix, but usually that’s the worst setting to choose.  For me personally I have it set to high boost, but you can try out all the settings on your own audio devices by pressing the preview button.


Interface Settings


Now this next setting is not for everyone, but it can give you the upper hand and that is to enable subtitles.  That is because the in game voice, the one that tells you about killstreaks and players capturing points in domination appear in the subtitles and this makes it easier to spot what’s going on around you, especially with there being a lot of noise of other things like bullets and explosion in the average match.

Sensitivity Settings

Stick Sensitivity

I prefer to have 4 for horizontal and 5 for vertical. If you want to know what A lot of pro players will use, then between 5 and 7 is common and most agree anything over 10 is counter intuitive.  A lot of players go above this though simply because they can’t handle playing at such slow speeds, fortunately I prefer it at lower and care more about aiming than turning speeds.

Now choosing what’s right for you is up to you but for getting the right accuracy its easy, simply record your self-shooting at players and check to see where your cross-hair is when firing.  Are you under aiming, or over aiming?

  • Under aim is when you move to aim at a target, and you fire before your cross hair reaches them.
  • Over aim is when your cross hair moves over and passed a target before you fire.

ADS Sensitivity

Look at your recording see if you’re under or over aiming, if you are and by a big amount then you need to lower or increase your aim sensitivity until your aiming is quite close to the target most times.

From here adjust your ADS sensitivity settings, for me I was close, but I was slightly under aiming, so I increased my ADS just slightly and it made a big improvement.  If you are over aiming slightly decrease your ADS sensitivity.

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