BioMutant Weapons – all the guns and melee weapons in game

BioMutant Weapons – all the guns and melee weapons in game

BioMutant has many different weapons to collect in all shapes and sizes. Players begin with a simple sword and as you progress through the game more weapons will become available through crafting, enemy drops or found in the game world. Weapons come in two main forms, melee and projectile with each having 3 variants.

Melee weapons being either a slicing, crushing, or piercing type and long range are revolver, shotguns and rifles. Each weapon type comes in different rarities and conditions and can also be upgraded with modifications with the exception of Ultimate weapons, which have unique abilities and stats.

Klonk fist weapon
Klonk fist weapon

Melee Weapons List

Crushing Weapons

  • Klonk Fist

Slashing Weapons

  • Cane Stronkbox

Piercing Weapons

  • Coming Soon

Tribal Weapons

  • Jagni Tribe Staff: given as a reward for capturing 2 outposts for the Jagni tribe.
  • Myriad Tribe Boomerang: given as a reward for capturing 2 outposts for the Myriad tribe.

Unique Weapons

  • Old World Klonk Fist: the unique Klonk fist is given during the story mission another world after crossing the childhood village.


BioMutant Weapons - all the guns and melee weapons in game Biomutant Weapons

Long-Range Weapons List


  • Myriad Boomerang


  • Contagious Flurpspewbor


  • Singularity Squezrapster

Tribal Weapons

Coming Soon

Unique Weapons

Coming Soon


BioMutant Weapons
BioMutant Weapons

Weapon Mods List

Ranged Base Types

  • Bangbitsky
  • Bulletspinno
  • Extermino
  • Scatterskreak
  • Magnum
  • wohop
  • shoota
  • fullpulse
  • nailspike
  • Bipbonk
  • Boombonk

Melee Base Types

  • Coming Soon

Tops Mods

  • Wide-eye
  • Eyeshot lense
  • Accordion optic
  • Eye compass
  • X-ray Scope
  • Perceptor


  • Spiral Groover
  • Rapster
  • Shellshriek
  • Spewbor
  • Ejector
  • Hypro
  • Spitko
  • Whorl


  • Drum Magazine
  • Double Drum Mag
  • Large Box Magazine
  • Small Clip
  • Extended Clip
  • Small Extended Mag


  • Luk
  • Frug
  • Pjup
  • hypic
  • Knack
  • Jack
  • Frip
  • Oxy
  • Zorb


  • Rockastock
  • Carvestock
  • Twotrigger
How to craft in BioMutant

How Do You Get Weapons in BioMutant?

Weapons can be acquired in game in various ways including crafting using materials in game, finding weapons and unique weapons in chests and other places in the game world and drops from enemies and bosses.

How Many Weapons Are There in BioMutant?

Currently the number of weapons to collect in BioMutant is unknown, but there are many to find including unique weapons but also you can craft your own weapons.

What’s the Best Weapon in BioMutant?

The best weapons in BioMutant are called ultimate weapons and unlike regular weapons and crafted weapons these come with there own unique abilities.

Weapon Rarities

Weapons in Biomutant are determined by three factors, quality, rarity and weapon parts (the components or mods that make up a weapon). Weapon parts are also determined by the same three factors. The overall weapon rarity then will increase as you improve the weapons quality and add better quality and rarer parts or mods to make your weapon.

For example attaching a rare magazine part to a common gun would likely result in weapon that is uncommon in rarity overall. The rarities are as follows Common ♦ Uncommon ♦ Rare ♦ Legendary ♦ Relic ♦ Ultimate.

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