BioMutant Bosses: all boss locations and how to defeat them

Bosses in BioMutant are tougher than normal enemies and are tied to the games main story and they must be defeated in order to progress. There are many different bosses in game found in different locations, each with a different strategy needed in order to defeat them. Each boss will drop different items and loot when defeated including rare and unique items on occasion. Our guide will give you all the info and tips you need to overcome these challenging foes.


All BioMutant Bosses List

  • The Meat Eater
  • Sludge Soaker
  • Iron Wall
  • Fluff Hulk
  • Jumbo Puff – World Eater
  • Rocka-Boom

All Enemies

  • Muck Puff: found in oil pools and attack in small groups, can be lured out into the open.
  • Mork: bio-contaminated enemies that drop Bio-blobs, used to gain biogenetic mutations.

What’s the toughest Boss In BioMutant?

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