BioMutant Armors – all the armor and clothing locations in game

BioMutant Armor
BioMutant Armor

Armor in BioMutant is used to protect the players from incoming damage and also to increase strength, intelligence and agility, which in turn improves your secondary stats like movement speed and chance to inflict critical hits. Armor, like weapons, can be acquired in 4 main ways, as loot from chests, rewarded from quests, dropped by bosses and enemies or crafted.

biomutant armors
BioMutant Leather Armors

All BioMutant Armors List

Torso Armors

  • Leather Armor
  • Buttoned up Jacket
  • Camp Jacket

Head Armors

  • Cat Metal Helmet

Back Armors

Leg Armors

Shoulder Armors


biomutnant clothing
BioMutant clothing

How Do Armors Work In BioMutant?

There 7 different slots for Armor in game: HeadFaceTorsoRight ShoulderLeft ShoulderBack, and Legs, however face and back can only be equipped with bought items in game. Every armor and clothing piece in BioMutant comes with three main qualifiers, rarity, quality and materials. When equipping armor be mindful of the requirements, with some armor pieces needed you to meet a certain level or attribute.

How To Get Armor In BioMutant?

To get armor in BioMutant there are 4 main ways to do it, first it can be found as loot from chests, second it can be rewarded from quests, third as dropped loot by bosses and enemies or lastly and most common is to craft weapons and mods using your materials and crafting bench.

What’s The Best Armor In BioMutant?


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