Battlefield 2042 Release Date and Everything We Know

Battlefield 2042 Release Date and Everything We Know

Battlefield 2042 Release Date and Everything We Know

Battlefield 2042 has been revealed and alongside it the first details of the game I wanted go over every then the detail we know so far about gameplay, settings, and features.


Release Date

Battlefield 2042 will be available on October 22 and will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, and PlayStation®5 consoles, along with PC on Steam, Origin, and the Epic Games store.

Open Beta

There will be an open beta for the game, but more info will be shared leading up to the games launch.  First, they will be hosting a closed playtest on July 22nd so it will be at some point after that date.


What about Game Modes and Player Count?

Iconic modes conquest and breakthrough return in battlefield 2042 and with 128 players on the battlefield, so all out warfare in grander and funner than ever.

A bit more on Conquest

It returns as you would expect but this time supporting 128 players on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®5, and PC. The maps have been specifically designed for this vast scale, with action divided into “clusters” of various kinds. Also, the action now centers around sectors consisting of several flags instead of individual control points. Presumably because the maps are quite big


The other game mode Breakthrough

This sees two teams – Attackers and Defenders – battle over larger-scale sectors as the Attackers push towards the final objective. Each sector is designed to house a larger number of players, enabling more strategic choice and more flanking opportunities. Approach the capture areas from multiple locations and take advantage of more types of tactical possibilities.

Another game mode, Hazards

Squad up and drop down in the hazard, an all-new high stakes multiplayer experience, what exactly these are unknown at the minute but more will be revealed soon.


Secret Gamemode

There is also a section on the official website that is redacted, all it says is explore the wider battlefield universe and discover unexpected battles, but all will be revealed at EA play on July 22nd.

What are the new Maps

The maps in Battlefield 2042 allow for all-new gameplay experiences, with unprecedented scale and choices in gameplay. With the introduction of 128 players*, each map is specifically designed to provide a unique experience that directly impacts strategy for you and your squad. Battlefields have multiple distinct combat areas housed in a single playspace and this extra space means more variety and more meaningful vehicle gameplay.



Kourou, French Guiana

It’s a race against time and hostile conditions as you fight around the site of an imminent rocket launch. Watch out for both enemy fire and upcoming storms on this dynamic map.


Doha, Qatar

Fight in a city lost to the desertification around it. Massive dust and sand storms are constantly rolling in, blotting out the natural light, as you battle for control of a convoy trapped in the shifting sands.

Battlefield 2042 Release Date and Everything We Know


Songdo, South Korea

In a state-of-the art metropolis in South Korea, zipline between skyscrapers and fight among the plazas surrounding the city’s iconic data center.


Brani Island, Singapore

Watch out for tropical tornadoes and navigate through maze-like cargo containers in this key trade location, vital to American supply lines.



Alang, India

Along a strategic section of India’s west coast, colossal ships stranded on the beach are being stripped for parts. Fight among the hulls of these behemoths while adapting to deadly storms.


Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Tread carefully on this dynamic map, where oil extraction has turned the freezing area to a strategic hot spot. Take advantage of destructible fuel tanks and silos that create debris fields and permanent fires when destroyed.


Eastern Desert, Egypt

A giant wall, built to secure rich, man-made agricultural areas, takes center stage on this intense map. Prepare for the extreme conditions, deploy, and secure the access points and massive gates in the wall.


Experience ever-changing battle conditions and gameplay challenges. Adapt on-the-fly to dynamic events and storms.


Unleash your combat creativity through a full roster of cutting-edge weapons, vehicles, jets, helis, and all-new equipment inspired by the near future of 2042.  Summon the Ranger, a robotic dog built for battle, use the Syrette Pistol to revive squad members from afar, employ a grappling hook to reach new places, don a wingsuit, deploy a recon drone, and more.

What About Specialists

You get to choose your role on the battlefield and form hand-tailored squads through the new Specialist system. Based on Battlefield’s four Classes, Specialists have one unique Specialty and Trait – but the rest of the loadout is fully customizable.



An ex-military, lone-wolf survivalist, Mackay is an ass-kicker with a conscience. This Canadian-born Assault soldier fights for the non-Patriated to make right a regret from his military days.



A veteran Support, Maria Falck has a strong will that cannot be shaken by danger, fear, or rank. This skilled Medic’s primary motivation is to find her son David among the non-patriated groups spread across the world.



Self-motivated and self-fulfilling, Boris seeks to acquire power and control in a chaotic world. This Russian-born Engineer is a very experienced weapons expert on the Task Force, although his true attachment to the team is suspect.



Recon soldier Wikus is a loner – and the unflappable, calm presence on the Task Force. An introvert, Wikus does not make acquaintances easily, but his determination to fight for a better world is rock solid.

There are also 6 other specialists coming to the game but their details are secret right now.

What About Live Service aka Battle Pass?

Battlefield is We’re taking a new approach to live service for where players will be given the services and evolution they have come to expect from modern multiplayer games, all aimed at keeping the community playing together for years to come.

To do this they will be evolving the world and expanding on the fiction through Seasons, each one lasting for about three months. Every Season will come with a new free and paid-for Battle Pass, delivering new content to chase after.

In our first year of live service, we will deliver four Seasons, with four Battle Passes, four new Specialists, along with more fresh content.

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  1. This has got to be the best FPS Trailer I have ever seen and I have never played a battlefield game. Looking fowards to playing as long as there are no cheaters. I watched this 3 times already. I never knew an upbeat and energetic song like “Kickstart my Heart” could be made to sound so ominous and intimidating. I’ve got chills. The good kind of chills.
    Thanks for sharing.

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