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Atomic Hearts Enemies: All Mobs, Creatures, and Boss Fights

Atomic Heart is an action-adventure first-person shooter game developed by Mundfish. The game takes place in an alternate universe during the Soviet Union era, where players assume the role of a KGB agent who is sent to investigate a secret facility that has gone dark.

Throughout the game, players will encounter various enemies that they will need to defeat to progress through the story. These enemies come in a variety of forms, ranging from robots to mutated creatures.

  1. Robots: The most common enemy type in Atomic Heart is the robots. These machines are armed with a variety of weapons, including guns, flamethrowers, and melee attacks. Some robots are heavily armored and require specific tactics to defeat.
  2. Mutated creatures: As players explore the secret facility, they will encounter various mutated creatures that have been affected by the experiments being conducted. These creatures range from small, spider-like creatures to larger, more formidable foes.
  3. Soviet soldiers: Players will also encounter Soviet soldiers who are guarding the facility. These soldiers are armed with a variety of weapons, including rifles, shotguns, and grenades. They are typically more heavily armored than the robots and require different tactics to defeat.
  4. Bosses: At certain points in the game, players will face off against powerful bosses who have unique abilities and attacks. These bosses require specific tactics and strategies to defeat.

To successfully overcome these enemies, players will need to utilize a variety of weapons and abilities at their disposal. These include firearms, melee weapons, grenades, and special abilities like telekinesis and time manipulation. Players will also need to use cover and dodge to avoid taking damage, and to carefully manage their resources to ensure they have enough ammo, health, and other supplies to survive.

Atomic Hearts Enemies

All these are needed to unlock the Scanner achievement and trophy, scan all mobs in game.

  • Dandelion Security Camera – Machine
  • Sprout – Organic
  • Mutant – Organic
  • Belyash (Беляш)
  • Pchela (Пчела)
  • Natasha (Наташа)
  • Drofa (Дрофа)
  • Sipukha (Сипуха)
  • Ezhikha (Ежиха)
  • Shmel (Шмель)
  • Rotorobot (Роторобот)
  • Burav (Бурав)
  • Rabotnik (Работник)
  • Tereshkova (Терешкова)
  • Rafik (Рафик)
  • Vatrushka (Ватрушка)
  • Shar (Шар)
  • Romashka (Ромашка)
  • Laborant (Лаборант)
  • Dok (Док)
  • Plyush (Плющ) – Organic
  • Pobeg (Побег)
  • Matka (Матка)
  • Borshevik (Борщевик)
  • Rosa (Роса)
  • Kultish (Култыш)

Atomic Hearts Boss Fights

  • Large Mutant
  • Hedgie
  • Plyusch
  • Belyash
  • Natasha
  • Dewdrop
  • Twins
Atomic Hearts Enemies

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