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Atlas Fallen Treasure Maps & Where To Find Them

In the sprawling domain of Atlas Fallen, seekers of fortune may stumble upon Treasure Maps, whether whole and intact or scattered in fragments. Once all the puzzle pieces of a map are collected, a daring explorer unlocks the power to precisely locate hidden bounties.

These precious map guides come into possession through various means: trading with in-game merchants, unearthing them from the domains of native creatures, receiving them as rewards for accomplished quests, or even finding them nestled within chests, patiently awaiting revelation.

Atlas Fallen Treasure Maps & Where To Find Them Atlas Fallen Treasure Maps

Atlas Fallen Treasure Maps List

  • Atlas Fallen Treasure Maps List
  • A Great View
  • Hidden on the Cliffs
  • Mine… and yours
  • Dead and buried
  • Near a watchtower
  • A hole in the desert
  • in the market
  • A Western Temple
  • A lofty cave
  • The southern Sands
  • A ruin with a secret
  • Under the wings of a Wriath
  • Where the sun dried out the river
  • The garden of the sun
  • Holding Heaven
  • Temple tower
  • Swamped
  • Rock with a view
  • By the wayside
  • A forest with a Secret

Atlas Fallen Treasure Locations

Atlas Fallen All Treasure Map Chest Locations & Wildlife Habitats

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