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Atlas Fallen Essence Stones & Formula Locations

In the world of Atlas Fallen, Essence Stones serve as the conduit for extraordinary abilities and potent powers that can be affixed to your Gauntlet, endowing you with distinctive combat skills. These remarkable stones can be procured through fierce clashes, daring explorations, or bestowed as rewards for completed quests. Once in your possession, these Essence Stones aren’t static; they can be elevated through upgrades, enhancing specific facets of their capabilities. This might involve amplifying damage output, expanding the reach of their Area of Effect, extending their duration, inflicting Damage over Time, and various other enhancements.

To undertake these upgrades, one must secure the requisite Resources demanded by the enhancement process. These resource prerequisites can be conveniently accessed from the Gauntlet menu, ensuring that you’re always in the loop about what’s needed for advancement. Through this system, the path to mastery over your Gauntlet’s potential is illuminated, offering both strategic depth and the allure of continuous improvement.

Atlas Fallen Essence Stones

Atlas Fallen Essence Stones List

Atlas Fallen Essence Stones Locations

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