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Atlas Fallen Elite Foes – All Enemy Wraiths & Boss Fights

In the world of Atlas Fallen, you’ll come across formidable creatures known as Wraiths. These legendary beings, referred to as Sand Wraiths due to their sand-based composition, serve as hostile entities encountered throughout the game. They dwell within the sands of Atlas Fallen and are the guardians chosen by the gods.

These Sand Wraiths come in various forms, ranging from smaller, more common encounters to more significant Boss battles. Understanding the distinctions between these encounters is crucial. To aid you in this endeavour, we’ve compiled comprehensive information about the different types of hostile Wraiths.

Each wraith also has an ultimate form called an elite foe, these creatures are regular wraith enemies, but are named and have better stats.

Atlas Fallen Elite Foes - All Enemy Wraiths & Boss Fights Atlas Fallen Elite Foes

Atlas Fallen Elite Foes List

Enemies in Atlas Fallen are called wraith. Elite foes are regular enemies but are more powerful, you can tell them apart from regular encounters as they are named. All enemies and elites can be found in the Bestiary along with what essence stones they drop when defeated with shatter.

Atlas Fallen Bestiary Enemies List

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