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Atlas Fallen Achievements: All Trophies & Achievements List

Atlas Fallen Achievements & Trophies List – All of the trophies and achievements for Atlas Fallen and relevant guides to unlocking them. The list includes many common themes like collecting all of the games weapons, finding various collectibles and of course, story related achievements and trophies.

About Atlas Fallen

Embrace the call of a forgotten realm, where the echoes of history reverberate through the windswept dunes. In this timeless land, danger lurks at every turn, waiting to test your mettle and uncover secrets lost to the ages.

Prepare yourself for an epic hunt unlike any other, wielding weapons infused with the very essence of sand. These legendary beasts that roam this vast expanse will challenge your skills and courage, but fear not, for you possess abilities beyond mortal limitations. Unleash the might of super-powered combat, unleashing devastating attacks that will leave both friend and foe in awe.

The sands whisper tales of ancient warriors and their fabled exploits. Now, it is your turn to etch your name into the annals of history. Traverse this breathtaking landscape, where every step taken unravels a fragment of the past, illuminating the path to enlightenment.

But be warned, dear adventurer, for this world is not for the faint of heart. It demands resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination. Only the most intrepid souls will prevail, unlocking the secrets that lie hidden beneath the shifting sands.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Step into the realm of timeless wonders and unleash your inner hero. The sand-strewn battleground awaits your arrival. Will you rise to the challenge and claim your place among the legends?

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Atlas Fallen Achievements & Trophy List

The full Atlas Fallen Achievements and Trophies list is as follows:

  • Clear Sight – Conquer every watchtower, gaining a clear perspective. (40)
  • Forgemaster – Locate every anvil, mastering the art of forging. (40)
  • Shardbearer – Gather all upgrade shards, enhancing your strength. (40)
  • Airborne – Achieve 60 seconds of continuous flight in a single leap. (20)
  • Tributes To Caladrias – Accumulate 10,000 Tributes as a testament to your prowess. (20)
  • Shatterer – Decimate 50 Wraiths through shattering blows. (30)
  • Slayer – Eradicate all Elite Wraiths, asserting your supremacy. (60)
  • Flawless Victory – Annihilate a Colossal Wraith without suffering any harm. (40)
  • Big Bazar – Encounter the Travelling Vendor in at least 6 diverse locations. (20)
  • Fine Feathers Make Find Birds – Attain a splendid array of all armours available. (60)
  • All There Is – Unlock and elevate all perks to their maximum potential. (60)
  • Fasion Victim – Infuse life into an armour by dyeing it for the first time. (15)
  • False Gods – Obliterate every Heavenly Shrine as a false god’s reckoning. (30)
  • Alchemist – Elevate an Essence Stone to the esteemed Rank 7. (15)
  • Stone Collector – Possess a trove of 25 Essence Stones, showcasing your collector’s spirit. (20)
  • Miner – Vanquish a Scatterer with its own explosive mines. (40)
  • Feeling Fancy – Unearth all cosmetic items, showcasing your fine taste.
  • Godslayer – Finished The Game
  • To Battle – Interrupted Thelos Ritual
  • All That Gold – Collect all treasure maps and discover them
  • Summiter – Found all 20 Vantage points
  • Clear Sight – Cleared all watchtowers in the game
  • Calm Before The Storm – Enter the Black Alms
  • A Queens Tale – Found The Queens recorded Memories
  • The Mentor – Found The prisoner and talk to him in the wildlands
  • Essesence Blow – Shattered with a full momentum guage
  • Powerful Allies – Gained the knights trust
  • Find Allies – Discovered the knights hideout
  • A Taste of Wrath – Defeat the watchers fury for the first time
  • Scholar – Collect 30 lore items
  • Geared Up – Unlock the third and final upgrade for an armour
  • Trinity – Get all weapons
  • Adventurer – Sand Slid 42.195 KM in total
  • Collector – Collected 50 sellable artefacts in total
  • Shatter them All – Shattered 4 wraiths at the same time
  • I Found it – collect a treasure by following an animal
  • Break Out – Complete the Sand Sliding Path

Can you miss achievements?

Unlocking all achievements in Atlas Fallen requires completing a single full playthrough of the game. You won’t miss any achievements, and even after finishing the main story, you can continue playing in the post-game to search for collectibles if desired.

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