Assassins Creed Valhalla All Weapons & Armor

Assassins Creed Valhalla All Weapons & Armor

Assassins Creed Valhalla All Weapons & Armor – Armor and weapons in assassins creed Valhalla are found inside of wealth chests marked on the map or rewards for missions and are needed for getting 100% completion (Completionist All the Way trophy or achievement).

Collecting gear chests is the main way to get new items in game for your character but gear can also be rewarded from missions and bought from vendors.

There are lots of different types of weapons and gear in assassins creed including axes, longswords, hammers, shields, daggers, longbows, light and heave bows, armor sets light, heave and sneaky.

All gear in game is split into 1 of 3 categories, wolf, bear or raven.

Assassins Creed Valhalla All Weapons & Armor

AC Valhalla Weapons & Armor List


  1. Bone biter
  2. Iron Star
  3. War Hammer
  4. Yngling Seax
  5. Recurve Bow


  1. Housecarl’s Axe
  2. Huntsman’s Vambraces
  3. Huntsman’s Armor
  4. Huntsman’s Breaches
  5. Kite Shield


  1. Fyrd Spear
  2. Hidden Ones Armor
  3. Hrafn Guard Shield
  4. Huntsman’s Cloak
  5. Huntsman’s Helm
  6. Skadi’s Wrath Bow
  7. Sepulcher Axe

East Anglia

  1. Carolingian Longsword
  2. Magister’s Cloak
  3. Magister’s Mask
  4. Plank & Buckler Shield
  5. Thors Helmet


  1. Magister’s Robes
  2. Magister’s Trousers
  3. Magister’s Vambraces
  4. Shishi’s Guard Shield


  1. The Briton Shield
  2. Hidden One’s Mask
  3. Iron Cloud Bow
  4. Blacksmith’s Hammer


  1. Brigandine Helm
  2. Sarcophagus Shield
  3. Brigandine Cape


  1. Brigandine Gauntlets
  2. Brigandine Trousers
  3. Brigandine Armor


  1. Oaken Kite Shield
  2. Spartan Shield
  3. Galloglach Cape
  4. Galloglach Helm
  5. Hidden One’s Hood


  1. Mentor’s Vambraces
  2. Mentor’s Robes


  1. Galloglach Armor
  2. Galloglach Bracers
  3. Longbow
  4. Galloglach Trousers
  5. Battle Sparth


  1. Thegn’s Bracers
  2. Thegn’s Heave Tunic
  3. Lagertha’s Axe


  1. Spinning Death
  2. Fyrd Axe
  3. Aella’s Bardiche
  4. Hidden one’s Robes
  5. Sagittarius Bow


  1. The Morrigan’s Guard Shield
  2. Thegn’s Breaches
  3. Hidden Ones Leggings


  1. Mentor’s Mask
  2. Mentor’s Cloak


  1. Thegn’s Claok
  2. Stuttungr’s Claw
  3. Mentor’s Trousers
  4. Thegn’s Great Helm


  1. Vordr’s Bite
  2. Soldiers Flail
  3. Death Skald

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