Assassins Creed Valhalla All Ability Locations

Assassins Creed Valhalla All Ability Locations – Abilities in assassins creed Valhalla are found inside of books of knowledge marked on the map and are needed for getting 100% completion (Completionist All the Way trophy or achievement).

A Book of knowledge is the only way to get abilities in game for your character. Abilities are separate from skills which you earn by gaing XP and levelling up your character.

Every ability can be found twice (in different locations), finding the two abilities makes the ability stronger.

Here are the locations of every ability in game by region:

Rygjafylke Ability Locations

  1. Throwing Axe Fury
  2. Thorn of Slumber
  3. Rage of Helheim

Grantebridgescire Abilities Locations

  1. Dive of the Valkyries
  2. Incendiary Powder Trap
  3. Mark of Death
  4. Mark of Death 2
  5. Rush and Bash

Ledecesterscire Ability Locations

  1. Raven Distraction
  2. Harpoon Impalement
  3. Piercing Shot
  4. Focus of the Nornir

East Anglia Ability Locations

  1. Axe Blizzard
  2. Blinding Rush
  3. Rush and Bash 2


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