Are video game guides worth anything?

Are video game guides worth anything?

While you may have multiple game guides, you probably won’t be touching them anytime soon. While it’s entirely possible to write guides on your own, it’s important to understand that they take time, effort, and experience to both play and write. As more and more games are released every year, more and more manuals will be needed to use them. Strategy guides have become collectible and you will probably need one for your favourite game.

There aren’t many video game collectors who focus on collecting strategy guides, because many of them are in a terrible state, not that rare, or are “unofficial” guides with no important information. As has been the case for years, any information found in a strategy guide can be found on Google or YouTube within hours of a game’s release, but there is a mystique, a joy, in strategy guides. Once the only way to learn the secrets of video games, the strategy guide was a valuable tool for gamers. It appears that the Library of Congress also contains some relics from the past in the form of video game strategy guides.

As one of the lost art forms in the video game world, printed strategy guides may not be as relevant these days, but the Library of Congress has kept some. While video games make up the bulk of the series, the series also includes some odd strategy guides. Some newer games, like Borderlands 3, have cut strategy guides from their budgets.

According to Publishers Lunch, Prima Games, which has been creating physics-based strategy guides for video games for the past 28 years, is shutting down. It wasn’t until 2018 that one of the biggest strategy guide publishers, Prima Games, announced that they would no longer be releasing physical strategy guides. In this article, we’ll answer those questions and more, so buckle up as we take a look at the curious history behind the online video game guide and see what its future looks like.

Nintendo’s video game Duck Tales 2 doesn’t seem to be at the top of the list of worthy games, but some fans claim it’s one of the best video games ever made. Unfortunately for the kids who bought, played and then tossed this weird game, it’s now one of the most expensive video games in SNES history, with prices ranging from $200 to over $2,000. You can buy a game like this for a few dollars. How to keep track of your growing video game collection So I’d say a 2600 collection is $350, a 5200 game can also cost $2, so it’s probably $50, and a 7800 could easily get another $500. ..NES might be $150 Game Boy $300 gaming hardware $100 Saturn might be worth it… Like many famous franchises, Scooby Doo and those funny little boys have made their way into the world of video games many times.

However, thanks to collectors, there are many video games that are worth tens of thousands and could be in your collection right now. You might not have been the popular guy if you played weird knockoffs, and they probably ended up in the garage bin long before games that are now worthless, like overproduction games like Mario Duck Hunt. Sure, bad games like Hot Slots are still around $600-1000, but you probably got rid of them after puberty.

Most game manuals are sold at garage sales or thrift bookstores, but some, like Final Fantasy, are still going up in value. Many of the bundle guides for special edition games can make more money than they’re likely to cost. Games that cost a lot of money often come with equally valuable manuals. Game guides that weren’t popular at the time or had little release, like Earthbound, can cost up to $100 (especially if the scratch cards are still intact!).

Other game guides have not kept up with the fact that games are constantly receiving DLC ​​and patches. Once the game manual is published, it is illogical to continue to publish new manuals with added updates.

While game guides have taken on new forms, the old formats have not completely disappeared. Although the games have become too big and overgrown to be covered in a simple playthrough, they have remained popular and are still used to describe individual levels, rooms, areas, etc. 

Instead of one article to walk someone through the entire game like before, the online guides had to be broken down into smaller, more focused parts of these larger games. Each of them was a large volume of secrets and drawings with every detail you could need to complete the game without too much trouble. In addition to detailed instructions and game tips, the game guides feature exciting Easter eggs and provide fantastic artwork to admire. 

Detailed build guides, game reviews, mod coverage, and partner content are all features too. Users can search the manual for the game they are playing and find YouTube bloggers explaining it, gameplay blogs, and sites entirely dedicated to this game genre. Printed strategy guides are also a victim of the slow media transformation that has turned entertainment from things we own to licenses we buy, experiences we rent and store in the cloud or on game consoles, separate from our material lives. totally allowed actually. shape the space in which we live. 

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