APX5 Holographic Sight


The APX5 Holographic Sight is an optical attachment for weapons in call of duty modern warfare and warzone. It is available to the assault rifles, sub-machine guns, shotguns, light machine guns and marksman rifles, as well as the .357, .50 GS and Renetti handguns.

APX5 Holographic Sight

An advanced holographic sight of Russian origin

  • Pros + Precision Sight Picture
  • Cons – Aim Down Sight Speed

APX5 Attachment List

A list of weapons in modern warfare that can equip the APX5 Holographic Sight. The weapon mod can be attached to most weapons in game besides pistols and sniper rifles.

FR 5.56Assault Rifle
AK-47Assault Rifle
FALAssault Rifle
FN SCAR 17Assault Rifle
OdenAssault Rifle
Model 680Shotgun
R9-0 ShotgunShotgun
EBR-14Marksman Rifle
Kar98kMarksman Rifle
CrossbowMarksman Rifle
SKSMarksman Rifle
CR-56 AMAX (Galil)Assault Rifle
Kilo 141Assault Rifle
PP19 BizonSMG
M91Light Machine Gun
MG34Light Machine Gun
SA87Light Machine Gun
.50 GSHandgun
Holger-26Light Machine Gun
Striker 45SMG
MK9 BruenLight Machine Gun
M13Assault Rifle
M4A1Assault Rifle
RAM-7Assault Rifle
Grau 5.56Assault Rifle
Vector (Fennec)SMG
Origin 12 ShotgunShotgun
VLK RogueShotgun
PKMLight Machine Gun
MK2 Carbine
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