Animal Crossing New Horizons: Five Star Islands Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Weeds

Animal Crossing New Horizons Five Star Islands Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Weeds

Oh, Animal Crossing. You have gotten half the population through the stresses of Lockdown, where the woes of the world could be forgotten for a little while, replaced by gentle gardening, friendly villagers, and extinction-level amounts of fishing.

And whether you play for the flowers or the friendship, there is something most of us have in common – we all want that coveted Five-Star Island.

It took me a couple of hundred, low-effort  hours to get my Five-Star rating. I was strolling along one day and there it was – my first Lily-of-the-Valley, that glorious little flower that only grows in the golden soils of paradise.

I dug my little treasure up and planted it right by the airport, just so visitors would know how I great I was. But it got me thinking about those plants at the other side of the garden spectrum, the lowly of the low. The humble weed.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Weeds

Isabelle would have you believe they are the cockroaches of the gardening world, to be exterminated promptly before they multiply into a catastrophe. She is never remiss in telling you that the reason you are a lowly Four-Star slum is those pesky little blighters.

Weeds, however, are awesome. They are beautiful. And if you have any sort of nature theme – a national park, a clifftop trail, a Wiccan woodland grove – these pests add so much to the aesthetic it is a crime not to use them.

When I got my Five-Star rating, I literally spent hours making custom paving stones to look like weeds so I could capture the right vibe. I did it because I was afraid. Afraid of Isabelle and her, cold, judging eyes. And whilst Lily-of-the-Valley is certainly exciting the first few times you see it, it doesn’t really do much. It is just sort of…there.

So I say free the weeds. You don’t need the validation of a jumped-up Shih-Tzu to have an amazing island. What do dogs know about horticulture anyway?


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