Animal Crossing New Horizon: I’ve Had It With Blue Roses!


Animal Crossing New Horizons means many things to many people but for me, it is all about the flowers.  Diligently I lay them out in ‘X’ formation, water them every day (harass my friends and Dodo Code strangers into watering them) all in pursuit of those elusive hybrid colours.

I’ve got purple hyacinths, bred from orange hyacinths, bred from yellow and red. I’ve got purple pansies, black cosmos, orange lilies. My island is a glorified plant nursery with houses shoehorned into corners and yet, after four hundred hours of trying, one flower still eludes me.

I am, of course, talking about the covetous blue rose. With a 1.6% chance of hybrid red roses producing a blue rose, with each hybrid red only being 50% (using purple x orange roses method) likely to have the genes to produce blue, I am officially calling it on blue roses.

They are fake news. A myth. Something only time travellers with their instant magics get to grow on their islands.

Animal Crossing New Horizon: I’ve Had It With Blue Roses! animal crossing new horizons blue roses

Animal Crossing New Horizon: I’ve Had It With Blue Roses!

Now, I hear you ask, why don’t I just buy some from said temporal wizards? Well, because, I don’t want dirty blue roses. I want to grow them myself. Waking up each day to see what has bloomed on ol’ Kermit Island brings me joy – however, waking up for the hundred-and-thirtieth day in a row without results is why we are all here.

There are guides on YouTube or Reddit that guarantee you success. There are twelve-step scientific procedures, or four-part plans that take months to produce a bloom.

But after such a long time doing it one way, I can’t bring myself to commit. Call it stubbornness, call it sunk cost fallacy, call it what you like – I am done with blue roses! I will water my hybrid reds, maybe eventually I will get lucky, but my hopes are not high.

Another hundred hours and I am officially swapping all my roses for shrubs.


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