All 11 Altai Mountains Contracts & Challenges Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts


Altai Mountains Contracts

There are 11 total contracts and challenges is the Altai Mountains area of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts.  This guide will help you to located and complete the contracts.  Each contract has a video link to a walkthrough guide.

Altai Mountains Contracts List

  1. Download Contracts – This contract requires you to find and download Ivanovsky’s plans.  They are located in a compound and heavily guarded.


  1. Find the Clients Spy
  2. Eliminate Dimitri Ivanosky
  3. Destroy all Test Results
  4. Steal Sample of the Virus

Altai Mountains Challenge List

  1. Interrogate Officers x3
  2. Perform headshots x20
  3. Gas Enemies x5
  4. Eliminate Ivanosky without raising the alarm
  5. Kill Ivanosky and his 2 assistants within 10 seconds
  6. Complete all contracts only killing Ivanosky


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