All Unique Weapons and Armors In The Outer Worlds Peril of Gorgon

After playing through the DLC this is everything I found. As far as I know the only item missing is the Agony weapon but there might be more, oh and some keycards as I have lock 150 so didn’t use them. Either way hope this helps if your missing any.

All Unique Weapons and Armors In The Outer Worlds Peril of Gorgon

Special Mentions

Wilderness Ops Armor or Wall of Swords

The wilderness ops armor is a reward item for the quest the electric fling if you decide to give the phonograph recordings to Georgie’s automech. If you choose Roscoe you get unique wall of swords instead.

Burnout or Equilibrium or Both (Read Below)

Burnout is found on Wilhelmina Ambrose (Minnie) if you kill and loot her. You can do this at any time but its best to wait until the final mission to do so. If you want this unique weapon then kill her or side with Olivia in the final mission.

If you want the unique weapon equilibrium then side with Minnie and kill Olivia.

There is a way to get both unique weapons and that is to make peace with Olivia and Minnie (requires persuade 100) and then you can kill them both after the final mission.

Science Weapons

Unique Weapons

Unique Armors/Outfits

Other Items


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