All Secret Warzone Features Added in 1.20 Update

All Secret Warzone Features Added in 1.20 Update

All Secret Warzone Features Added in 1.20 Update. Update 1.20 has been out for 3 or 4 days now and lots of hidden changes have been found added in the update but not mentioned in the patch notes.  Changes to warzone, changes to weapons, cosmetics and more.

Let’s break down everything added but not mentioned.

All Secret Warzone Features Added in 1.20 Update

First a small update was applied to make a fix to matchmaking problems, its been fixed although some are still having issues finding games without cancelling and restarting matchmaking.

One big settings change, a new deadzone setting was added and this will be a big change for console players to fine adjust their movement and aim.  The deadzone represents the inner range in which stick input will not be registered.

Warzone Changes

One of the biggest features is now you can now drop your weapons, hitting down on the Dpad on xbox, just the same way you drop cash or ammo.  Previously you could drop weapons only if you replaced one but now you can drop them to give to a teammate for example.

Next the length of the trophy system, shield turret, and deployable cover has been increased to 10 minutes before it disappears.

The shield turret and recon drone will no longer appear on the enemy radar, which is useful.  Personally, I don’t really use any of that stuff to often but if you do that will be helpful.

The player has left the game message has been removed from the screen in game.

Kill cams now show the player who downs you and not who kills you, so that way you don’t just see a replay of someone shooting you on the ground if someone different finishes you off.

Cash seems to have been reduced inside of loot boxes in warzone, not every box seems to have cash in it now.

Red Access Cards were added, what they are for, well nothing yet, but they will be in the future.

Visual changes in the warzone menu, its not really a secret but it wasn’t mentioned.


Weapon Changes

VLK Rogue got a new attachment, the Dragons Breath Rounds, not sure if they

Dragunov had audio adjustment and buff that allows 2 shot kills to limbs rather than 3, bullet drop also reduced which will help you to get full damage in at a longer distance.

LMG SA87 & MG34 had open bolt delay time lowered, meaning they now almost instant fire rather than there being a big delay.  I actually think the MG34 is one of the most underated guns and its now even better with this change.


Cosmetic Changes

New Vehicle Skins, anime pack and plunder pack, not released but can be previewed, including the punder pack that has all of these black and gold vehicles.  The second pack is the anime express, adding in the new anime skins for the truck, Uzi, model 680 and charm.

New Twitch drops including the swing into action calling card, skull trooper emblem and crimson standard watch.


The modern warfare warzone 1.21 update will arrive next Tuesday on may 5th and a preview of upcoming content will be shared the day before so stay tuned.

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