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Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Memories: All Pensieve Memory Locations

All Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Memories locations – How to get all Pensieve Memories in Hogwarts Legacy and unlock the The One Who Mastered Memories achievement and trophy. The Memories are found by simply exploring the game world but you need a little help with it they are listed along with any helpful guides below.

Since all of the Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Memories are fixed, here is a list of the Pensieve Memories we currently know of so far:

Hogwarts Legacy Pensieve Memories

There are 7 Pensieve Memories to unlock in game and all are obtained automatically once certain criteria have been met.

  • Pensieve Memories Location 1 – Received while playing through the prologue
  • Pensieve Memories Location 2 – Obtained during the quest “Secrets of the Restricted Section”
  • Pensieve Memories Location 3 – Obtained after the quest “Percival Rackham’s Trial”
  • Pensieve Memories Location 4 – Memory obtained by playing “Charles Rookwood’s Trial” quest
  • Pensieve Memories Location 5 – Memory obtained by playing “Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial”
  • Pensieve Memories Location 6 – Found automatically by finishing “In the Shadow of the Mountain”’ quest.
  • Pensieve Memories Location 7 – Found automatically by finishing “San Bakar Trial”’ quest.

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