All Firefly Lab Collectibles In The Last of Us Part 1

How to get All Firefly Labs Collectibles in the last of us part 1 including all Conversations, Tools, Artifacts, Firefly Pendants, Training Manuals, Comic Books, Shiv Doors, Toolbox Kits, Workbenches and Weapons. The Firefly Lab chapter has only 1 part and and the collectibles are listed below for it. Follow the video guide to get them all!

All Firefly Lab Collectibles

All Firefly Labs Collectibles The Last of Us Part 1

Firefly Lab – The Hospital

  1. Weapon Assault Rifle
  2. Artifact 76 (recording)
  3. Artifact 77 (recording)
  4. Shiv/Safe 17
  5. Pendant 30
  6. Artifact 78 Marlene’s Journal
  7. Artifact 79 (recording)


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