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Deliver Us Mars Achievements: All Achievements & Trophies List

All Deliver Us Mars Achievements & Trophies – How to get all Achievements & Trophies in Deliver Us Mars including all collectibles, story related and secrets. The Achievements & Trophies are rewarded by simply play ing the game and exploring and are listed along with any helpful guides below.

Deliver Us Mars Achievements & Trophies

Since all of the Deliver Us Mars Achievements & Trophies are fixed, here is a list of the Achievements & Trophies we currently know of so far:

Achievements & Trophies List

These are 33 Achievements & Trophies to unlock in game and here is the full list.

  • Better jot that down – Scanned your first object of interest.
  • Take a look – Watched your first hologram.
  • The beginning of a beautiful collection – Found your first comic.
  • Reading is fundamental – Read your first AstroTalk.
  • Chronicler – Scanned all objects of interest.
  • Cinephile – Watched all holograms.
  • Pannapictagraphist – Collected all comics.
  • Peruser – Read all AstroTalks.
  • Piecing the story together – Completed your first story profile.
  • As the story unfolds… – Completed four story profiles.
  • Curiosity didn’t kill the Kat – Completed all eight story profiles.
  • Their batteries were low and it got dark – Found all NASA rovers on the Red Planet!
  • Home Is… – Witnessed your father leaving without you.
  • Who waits five minutes, seriously? – Play the waiting game with Ryan.
  • Moonbear – Safely launched Zephyr-III. Mission Opera is a go!
  • Stellar extra-vehicular activities score – Detached the thruster and made it back within 3 minutes and 35 seconds after egressing the airlock.
  • Getting the hang of it – Climb your first wall.
  • Want to Go to Space? – Travelled space and time to get to your destination.
  • On the Precipice – Took control of ARK Labos and reached the Martian surface. Alone.
  • Kats always land on their feet – Reached the elevator below in Herschel within 2 minutes after surveying the quarry
  • A Nice Place to Live – Acquired a rover and new insights into your father.
  • The Gang – Someone has hidden a very important and personal memento inside his cell.
  • The Dream for These Folks – Discovered the vital technology inside ARK Habitas and Mission Opera’s secret objective.
  • Quick like a Kat – Traversed the icy plains and enter Odum within 3 minutes and 15 seconds after surveying the base.
  • Not the Rabbits, Not the Bees – Learned the discouraging truth about Odum’s sign of life and your father’s deepest flaws.
  • When ACE met AYLA – Robots can love too.
  • Like Animals – Uncovered Outward’s gruesome fate and saw your only means of returning home dissipate.
  • Shai-Hulud? – Over here sand blows, over there sand blows.
  • Desperate Times – Reconnected the ARKs, found your father’s final message, and abandoned Mission Opera to find him.
  • Simulacrum – Someone should really fix that speaker.
  • Kat-like reflexes – Made it through the Tesla Chambers without taking damage.
  • Wants and Needs – Located the Unison settlement and your father, opposed his true intentions, and captured ARK Vita.
  • Delivered Us Mars – Took your father and the ARKs back home.

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