Act 3 Collectibles Locations A Plague Tale Requiem

How to get all the collectibles in act 3 of A Plague Tale Requiem, which are needed for all the trophies and achievements to get 100% completion.

All Act 3 Collectibles A Plague Tale Requiem (Secret Chests, Souvenirs, Hugo's Collection, Tools)

How To Get Act 3 Collectibles

All Act 3 Collectibles A Plague Tale Requiem. Collectibles include the two Souvenirs, 2 tools, 1 secret chest and one Hugo’s Collectible. Follow the game until your reach the point in the video I am, then follow where I go.

  • Tool 1
  • Souvenir 3 A Grave
  • Tools 2
  • Hugo’s Collection 2 Camomile
  • Secret Chest
  • Souvenir 4 Our Home


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