AC Valhalla Wrath of the Druids All Weapons & Armors

How to find all secret armors and weapons located in Ireland in AC Valhalla wrath of the druid DLC. There are plenty of cool and unique items to find including one legendary spear and 7 full armor sets to collect. Listed below are guides for getting all of them.

All Weapons & Armors

Egyptian Armor, Greek, Rus, & Iberian – The Egyptian armor is found at Azars store and you must upgrade supply routes to purchase it. That also goes for the Byzantine Greek, Rus and Iberian weapons and armor sets.

Celtic Armor – The Celtic armor is found by locating all 5 wealth chests in Ireland with them inside.

Druid Armor – The druid armor or druidic armor is found by locating all 5 wealth chests in Ireland with them inside.

Champions Armor & Thorsten’s Shield – 3 of the champions armor pieces are given as a reward for upgrading your trading level. the remaining 2 are rewards for defeating the 2 drengr located in Ireland. Thorsten’s shield is also given as a reward after completing the drengr fights.

Ceremonial & Bone Sickles – The ceremonial sickle is located in a wealth chest in Meath and the bone sickle is dropped by the legendary animal the Black stout found in black pigs dyke in Ulster.

Cú Chulainn Shield – The shield is found in a wealth chest in Meath, this requires you to find all 5 secret Ui Neill Artifacts in Ireland.

Gae Bolg Legendary Spear – Complete the quest Amber sun given to you by Dierdre once you kill all 10 member of the children of Danu. The Gae Bolg spear is dropped by the mythical boss Balor.

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