77 Awesome Gameplay Features In Cyberpunk 2077

77 Awesome Gameplay Features In Cyberpunk 2077 – Night city is a big place and Cyberpunk 2077 promises to be an amazing adventure but in order for that to be true, the game needs to have many unique features and plenty of things to do around the map. We took a look at everything you can do in the game from weapons, character customisation to riding rollercoasters and street races. Here is a list of 77 awesome and immersive gameplay features.

77 Awesome Gameplay Features In Cyberpunk 2077

  1. The map size is smaller than the Witcher 3 but has significantly more doors to enter and explore. In fact, the Witcher’s map is mostly filled with open space like forest, mountains, and water, while a huge portion of cyberpunk, is city. Verticality then will play a big part in exploration, with a focus on large and tall buildings being explorable.
  2. The city is divided into 6 districts: City Center, Watson, Westbrook, Heywood, Pacifica, and Santo Domingo. Moreover, the city is surrounded by Badlands which can be visited during the game, each district has tons of things to do.
  3. You can explore a lot of the city straight from the beginning of the game, of course some locations will be locked by quests.
  4. The streets will be busy with both pedestrians and traffic making the city feel alive.  The game features over 1000 unique NPCs with their own daily routines to add life to the streets, including prostitutes for example.
  5. The city will also feel lived in with the walls of every building are covered with posters, graffiti, advertising, and the floors of building strewn with litter.
  6. The NPCs will have tons of unique looks including all body sizes, colours, and plenty of NPCs with heavy body mods.
  7. If that’s not your thing Don’t worry, there are animals as well that you can pet like cats.
  8. Looting will play a big part in exploration, with junk, weapons, codex, and plenty more to find in most places.
  9. The game has a carry weight limit and limited inventory space, so you’ll need frequent trips to your apartment and vendors to offload stuff and free up space.
  10. Currently there are 44 different vehicles to choose from including hyper cars, sports, motorcycles, executive, economy, heavy, police, taxis and the list is expected to increase.
  11. You can steal cars in cyberpunk by hacking them
  12. You have your own apartment
  13. Your apartment will have a storage room for your weapons and gear and You can store cars in your apartments garage.
  14. You can call your car at any time as its AI controlled or you can also call a uber style driverless car to drive you to your location.
  15. You can fast travel across the map using the NCART SYSTEM – the Night City Area Rapid Transit, you need to unlock the fast travels first though.
  16. Vehicles will have radio, featuring 10 different radio stations
  17. You can race other vehicles in night city, there are other mini games in the city as well like hacking, boxing, and shooting ranges
  18. You can kill who you want in night city, but you’ll be wanted and pursued by police.  On the other hand, you can come across crimes in progress and help the police for a small reward.
  19. You can use the Night City Police scanner to find new activities to do in every area.  Activities appear on the map including Gun-For-Hire, Search and Recovery, Thievery, Agent Saboteur, SOS, Merc Needed and Special Deliveries, trainers, shooting ranges.
  20. Many of these activities are for bolstering skills, the shooting range, which can be used to level up Rifles, Handguns, Sniper Rifles and Shotguns. Boxing can be responsible for Melee and Athletics. Car races can be used to bolster Nerve and Engineering and so on.
  21. There are food shops and restaurants to visit across the city like diners.
  22. There are street stories around the map, small quests to offer XP separate from the main and side quests.
  23. You can complete contracts to find and kill Cyber Psychos, people whose cyber tech has gone crazy.
  24. You can pick from 3 different starting backgrounds, nomad, street or corporate.  Depending on the starting background you pick, that will determine where you start in game, nomads for example start in the Badlands surrounding the city.
  25. There are many mega corporations in night city but 3 main ones in game called Araska, Militech and Kang Tao.
  26. There are also gangs fighting for control including 6th Street, Aldecaldos, Animals, Maelstrom, Moxes, Scavengers, Tyger Claws, Valentino’s, Voodoo Boys, and Wraiths.
  27. You can’t join gangs but it’s up to you whether you work or don’t work with them.
  28. There 12 different weapon manufacturers in cyberpunk 2077, each selling different items.
  29. Weapons are split into 3 types power, smart and tech.  Power is more traditional weapons, tech has things like customisable bullets and rail guns, smart has auto targeting systems.
  30. There are 9 current different weapon types in game, pistols, shotguns, auto rifles, SMG, explosives, Nano wire, cyber katana, mantis blades and cyberdeck.
  31. Weapons will have unique weapon stats split into damage, rate of fire, accuracy, range, recoil, spread and penetration.
  32. There are 4 different weapon rarities in game common, uncommon, rare, and legendary which offer better stats and more unique traits, the better in rarity the weapon.
  33. Weapons can be upgraded and improved with new components like silencers.
  34. Weapons can also be given elemental damage like poison and fire.
  35. Grenades can be thrown back at enemies
  36. Legendary weapons will be tough to collect because they will be given to players based on many factors including missions’ choices, that also means you can play the game again and again different ways and get different rewards.
  37. If that wasn’t enough there is a crafting system where you can make your own weapons and armors including legendary items.
  38. Weapons and armor can be upgrade by crafting, so looting components in necessary.
  39. Clothing in game has no stats but they can be upgraded with better perks and more mod slots, which will affect stats and of course so can weapons and armors.
  40. The game will have 75 unique side quests
  41. Some side quests can alter the outcome of the main story
  42. The main story will be shorter than the Witcher 3, however, each mission will be a lot more complex and the world will offer more, meaning game time overall will be longer that the Witcher’s.
  43. The game takes place mostly in first person, including many cutscenes.
  44. The player has a mobile phone so not all missions need to take place in person, you can video call them.
  45. Players can use phones to text NPCs for missions, you can even send data via your phone to complete quests.
  46. Missions can be complete in multiple ways, depending on your playstyle, so all guns blazing or stealth.
  47. If you stealth kill players you can hide their bodies in containers
  48. You can hack the environment to distract enemies, or even have them kill themselves.
  49. The game will have multiple endings
  50. The game will have romance options
  51. You can have same sex romance options if you want to
  52. Romance options can be affected by character customisation.
  53. The character creator allows players to customize skin type, hairstyle, eyes, eyebrows, mouths, jaws, ears, 8 bits of “Cyberware” (as well as no Cyberware), scars, tattoos, piercings, teeth, eye makeup, lip makeup, blemishes, nipples, body tattoos, body scars, penis types, vagina option, and pubic hair. Players are also able to change the color of Hair and eyes. The game also features sliders that can be used for the penis size, breast size, and buttocks.
  54. When choosing a sex, you can be male, female or neither and you can pick any voice type.
  55. You can look at your character in game using mirrors
  56. There are no set classes in cyberpunk, but there are two main types, solo and netrunner.  Solo is your basic run and gun focusing on strength and speed, netrunner is more stealth from a distance with hacking.
  57. There are three kinds of XP in game: Level XP, Street Cred XP and perk-tree-related XP, and when you fill their respective progress gauges you earn points to spend.
  58. Regular XP allows you to unlock new attributes, there are five main attributes, Strength, Reflex, Intelligence, Tech, and Coolness. each offering 2-3 talent trees with 20 perks.  It’s up to you what you pick.
  59. Perk Xp for example doing stealth kills gives stealth perk Xp and allows you level up perks to improve them.
  60. Street cred XP allows you to level up your street cred which unlocks new items and gear at vendors.
  61. Skills can affect dialogue options in game.
  62. The game will allow you to cover behind objects, it also means enemies can too.
  63. You can finish the game without getting any kills
  64. There is a stamina bar that you must keep an eye on when doing certain things like melee attacks.
  65. You can play the game entirely with just melee like the Cyberware mantis blades
  66. You can upgrade your character with Cyberware at the ripperdoc.
  67. There are 3 types of Cyberware, active, you must activate, passive, auto activates and triggered activates after certain conditions are met.
  68. 18 different Cyberware slots can be installed on your body but rarer and more unique items take up more slots.
  69. The game will have fall damage, but also Cyberware to counteract it.
  70. You can hack lots of things in game, but it uses up memory points, the points regenerate over time, though.
  71. Cyberware includes faster movement, scanners, mantis blades, increased damage and more, and you can choose to have no implants if you don’t want them, although some do install through the story like braindances.
  72. Braindances record all of your gameplay and can be rewatched in VR.  It’s used to help find important info you might miss from quests and more.
  73. You can play the game on multiple difficulties including story and hardcore.
  74. You can self-revive with the second heart ability
  75. The hardcore mode will feature no HUD making for an incredibly challenging playthrough.
  76. The game features no enemy scaling, so enemies have set power levels.  If you see one that’s much higher than you, then you should probably run away.
  77. Easter eggs will be something to look out for when playing with some known ones already like cars named after things in the Witcher and real-life NPCs.


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