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6 God Tier Weapons You need To Get Early Remnant 2

6 God Tier Weapons You need To Get Early Remnant 2. Weapons choice is one of the most important decisions in remnant 2. With over 80 secret weapons to choose from, this video will help narrow down the decision with 6 Powerful Weapons You need To Get Early. Build up your arsenal and build the powerful player you can!

6 God Tier Weapons You need To Get Early Remnant 2

Alpha Omega:

If you’re someone who’s skilled at consistently hitting your shots, the Alpha-Omega could be an excellent choice for you. Its standout feature is the Beta Ray weapon mod, which leaves a mark on the enemies you hit. When those marked enemies are defeated, they leave behind a unique symbol on the ground. Reloading your weapon or swapping to another one triggers the symbol to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies. This explosive effect is particularly effective for hitting multiple foes at once.

To add the Alpha-Omega to your collection, you’ll need to overcome Annihilation, the formidable final boss in Remnant 2. While this encounter presents a significant challenge, the reward is the Forgotten Memory item. Take this item to McCabe, who can use it to craft the Alpha-Omega for you.


Aphelion is an intriguing firearm that becomes yours by triumphing over the Sha’hala Guardian boss in N’erud. However, securing this weapon requires utilizing a specific method to defeat the boss, which involves obtaining the Override Pin.

This futuristic rifle boasts the Supernova mod, allowing it to generate a mobile flare capable of inflicting burning damage to anything it touches. Furthermore, its standard firing mode, a curved beam, has the potential to initiate a more substantial explosion. It’s important to note that obtaining Aphelion results in the inaccessibility of the entire N’erud biome due to the unfolding story. As a result, it’s advisable to pursue this weapon after fully exploring the biome or when opting for Adventure Mode.

Chicago Typewriter:

The Chicago Typewriter, a cherished returning weapon from Remnant: From the Ashes, has made a comeback for a compelling reason—it’s simply a highly effective choice. Most effective in short- to medium-range engagements, its generous ammunition capacity allows for sustained firing, making it particularly potent against bosses with limited openings for attack that could otherwise leave you vulnerable while reloading.

Hidden away, the Chicago Typewriter can be found in the same location as Leto’s Stash. Despite its concealed placement, the effort to obtain it is well worth it. Its versatility across various character builds highlights its value, and whether you secure it early in your journey or later on, it’s sure to serve you well.


The XMG57 “Bonesaw” stands as an imposing force on the battlefield. With its substantial magazine, it permits prolonged continuous fire, and its accuracy improves the longer you keep firing. This quality makes it an exceptional pairing with the Hot Shot weapon mod, which is recommended as the first mod to acquire, as it enhances your damage output significantly.

While it serves as the starting weapon for the Medic archetype, the Bonesaw can also be purchased from Brabus in Ward 13 at any point during the storyline. Its early availability for upgrades makes it a sound choice for diverse character builds, especially when considering its synergy with the Hot Shot mod.

Remnant 2 Weapons


For those who prefer a methodical approach to combat, Deceit is a remarkable firearm. Although it holds a modest number of rounds in its magazine, each shot delivers substantial damage to your adversaries. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for the Hunter class, but it remains effective across various character archetypes.

Securing Deceit necessitates defeating one of the end bosses in Losomn during a playthrough intertwined with the storyline involving the imposter kings. When faced with the choice between Faelin and Faerin, opt to eliminate Faelin. This decision yields the Imposter’s Heart, a crucial ingredient for crafting Deceit at McCabe’s crafting station.


Nightfall possesses inherent lethality, fully realized when paired with the Dreadwalker weapon modification. This mod enables you to enter the Nightmare Realm for a brief period. During this time, the gun transforms into a fully automatic weapon, grants unlimited ammunition, boosts your fire rate by 35%, and provides a 10% lifesteal effect. Additionally, existing in the Nightmare Realm enhances your evasive capabilities.

To obtain Nightfall, you must conquer The Nightweaver in Losomn. This battle serves as the concluding encounter of a playthrough in that biome when the story features the Sanatorium. Victory yields the Cursed Dream Silks, a crucial ingredient in the crafting process for Nightfall at McCabe’s station in Ward 13.

Guys that is it for this one, 6 of the best weapons to use in remnant 2 and along with how to get them in game. If you enjoyed the video, like and subscribe for more and I will catch in the next one, bye.

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